Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Come in, Star Command. Do you read me?

I've been staring at blank sheets for about a week now, desperately wanting to start writing this blog. I have so much to tell you, but I just didn't know where to start. Well I suppose a good place to start is telling you a little about myself, but really what is there to say that you won't find out soon enough?

Well, I suppose a few basics could be covered? Lets start with those.

Hi! My name is Ray, i'm a girl, and i'm getting on a bit.

I graduated university not that long ago, so I suppose this blog will chart my 'coming of age' of sorts as I find my way in the big wide world. (To be honest, my way so far seems to be inefficient. Spend not save. But I now have some pretty cute stuff.)

In the next few months I want to save, maybe travel and find a good job so one day I can have a place to call my own... or The Love Shack. The latter has a better ring to it, dont'cha think? Although copyright infringement might be an issue. Either way my hideout must be upgraded to a full blown lair sometime in the nearish future.

My dream is to write. Screenplays, novels, short stories, songs, poems, blogs! Maybe even own a small little business on the side. Ambitious, I know. Unrealistic? Probably. But I said dream, and a girl can dream right?

I can't think of much else to put here, but I have a bunch of ideas for later!

Welcome to my blog, I hope you decide to stay a while!
(Fancy a drink? I have strawberry milk or cola!)

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