Friday, 5 June 2015

[Review] Victoria's Secret Noir Tease

Remember Britney Spears' first foray into the perfume world? I think I was roughly 11 years old at the time, and Curious was one of the first perfumes I remember having. I remember wanting a bottle with one of those squeezy things on, that I sadly never managed to get my paws on. Although I somehow managed to get to 23 without ever actually finding out that those things were called atomizer bulbs... Well on my way to Paris last December, while browsing duty free, we stumbled across the Victoria's Secret section and a bottle of Noir Tease, a pretty burlesque inspired bottle with pink and black lace atomiser bulb. Of course, I instantly got all excited and hoped that i'd like the scent inside. I was not disappointed!

The bottle itself oozes 1920's burlesque glamour with black lace, fishnet and art deco flair. The baby pink box lets it down a little, but once the perfume is out of the box it will look amazing on any dressing table. The best part by far is the atomiser bulb, which just amps up the awesome of the bottle. But it doesn't just look fabulous, as the atomiser gives a nice light and even spray of fragrance. I sometimes find regular bottles splash out too much product, so I have no idea why they aren't on all perfumes!

The bottle also comes with a little cap, so the atomiser can be removed for travel. But if you don't want to carry around such a big bottle, being able to remove the atomiser makes it really easy to pour some into a smaller travel bottle, perfect for little top ups throughout the day. I found the scent lasts most of the day, but I like to keep a mini bottle in my bag just in case I want to top it up.

The packaging describes Noir Tease as smelling of juicy fruits and seductive florals, with notes of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. Can any fragrance with vanilla ever be wrong? Nope, I don't think so! Well, unless you don't like the smell of vanilla, of course. Does such a person exist? For me, the main smell of this is fruity and floral, the vanilla is quite subtle. So even those illusive folk with a distaste for vanilla could probably enjoy this lovely offering. I've been wearing this quite a lot since I got back from Paris, had plenty of compliments and barely made a dent in the contents of the bottle!

I paid £55 for my 100ml bottle at the airport, so the price may be a bit steeper if you pick one of these beauties up in store. At Duty Free, there wasn't a huge amount of difference between the price of the 50ml and 100ml, so it was definitely worth spending that extra to grab the bigger bottle! I even picked one up for my friend, and the lovely lady who served me wrapped and bagged them both separately. It may not seem like much, but I always think it is really nice when places with fancy packages and bags like Victoria's Secret package things separately when gifts are involved so everyone gets a bag.

Overall, i'm really impressed with my first Victoria's Secret perfume. I'm really glad the iconic American brand decided to cross the pond, and more branches are popping up around the country. I know they have branches in London, Manchester and Birmingham, with more on the way!

Are you a Victoria's Secret fan? Let me know!

Catch you later!

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