Sunday, 6 October 2013

[Let's Watch] About Time!

Ello you.
Do excuse my absence these last few days. I felt a bit under the weather and worked a lot. Did ya miss me? :p

Well i've just got back from work and it's getting late, so today i'm going to post up a film review!

WARNING! This post may contain spoilers!
(but i'll try and keep it short, sweet and cryptic!)

The other day I met up with a good friend of mine i've not been able to see in a few months. (Long distance friendships suck. How do you lovers out there manage it!?) We popped out for some shopping, drinkies, yummy food and a cinema trip! Well as we couldn't agree on anything else, we settled for the film 'About Time' as I rather like one of the actors in it. (Score!)

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Now I guess i'm at the bottom of the list of people who like romantic comedies/romantic films in general. In fact, I might have fallen off that list completely. So I was pleasantly surprised as we progressed through this film to find myself trying to muffle a few giggles... (And trying not to squeal too hard whenever one of my favourite actors popped up. We'll talk more about him later.)

I found this film to be equal parts romantic, fluff, comedy and ... well, i'll let you find out for yourself. Having not read much about the film other than it had Rachel McAdams and Tom Hughes in, and was a story about a time travelling fellow, I found it to be a well thought out and pretty endearing film. As an ex film student, sometimes I find it difficult to enjoy films, but this had me wriggled back in my chair trying to contain my girly emotions. I completely forgot about camera shots and whatnot.

Would I watch it again? Yeah! Surprisingly enough, not just for Tom Hughes (Cemetery Junction, Silk, Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll, Trinity) who I would have liked to have seen way more of, because he's an incredibly talented young actor. Take note casting agents. I've seen him perform in a stage play, and met him afterwards. He's lovely too! So check out his films and things.

Now I wouldn't want to give it a mark out of 10. But according to IMDB its a 7.6.
At the very least, that is a very fair mark, and maybe even could do a few points better.

Is Domnhall Green a bit cute, or is it just me?

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