Wednesday, 15 April 2015

[Review] Frozen Rollerball Perfumes.

Sometimes, I buy silly things. I recently went through a stack of kiddies Princess carton drinks to find the combination of Princesses I wanted, as something we could take on our upcoming trip to Disney for a giggle... But I didn't stop there, I also picked up this pack of four mini Frozen rollerball perfumes! The set contains two Elsa and two Anna fragrances, and containing 8ml each makes them a great size for handbags and hand luggage. Well, that was my idea behind buying them anyway... Honest...

Let's start with Anna. The bottle features Anna in her winter gear, and a big pink snowflake with her name on. I'd have thought the snowflake design would be more fitting to Elsa, but I suppose I'm just being a little bit picky. This one is described as being floral and vibrant, which I think was a pretty good scent theme to go with for this character. This scent is made of berries, violet and musk. When I first got these out to try, I'll be honest... It wasn't good. It was quite a sharp smell of the alcohol ingredient used to make perfumes ... It did eventually fade, leaving a really subtle hint of what the perfume was meant to smell like. But I did give them another go, and the second time there was no hint of the fumey smell at all.

The Elsa perfume features the queen in her icy winter dress and is described as fruity and sweet. Contrasting the Anna perfume, while still complimenting each other. The Elsa scent is made up of red fruit, jasmine and vanilla. I always like perfumes with vanilla, so that's a good start. I had the same problem with the Elsa perfumes as I had with the Anna ones, but I found this scent stayed stronger on my skin, and I could still smell the vanilla on the back of my hand a few hours later. Although it was stronger than the Anna perfume, I still had to raise it to my nose to know it was there.

Overall, I didn't really expect a lot from these as I figured they were for children. So while they won't win any awards for the longest lasting, or strongest fragrance, they remind me a lot of the little perfumes like this I had as a child, so they get a big thumbs up for nostalgia value. I'm pretty sure the scent is exactly the same as the ones I used to own as well.

A few good points though, they're produced right here in the UK and come in a nice sturdy glass bottle. I test everything on my hands as I have really sensitive skin there, and my skin wasn't irritated by the fragrances at all which is always a good thing. Although I don't see myself actually using these, Frozen mad little sisters, nieces, or daughters would probably love these little rollerballs. If giving them as a gift I'd recommend popping them out of the box and rolling off that excess fumey scent first.

So if you want to get your hands on some of these, this set is available from for £6.

See you next time! :)

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