Wednesday, 16 October 2013

[First Impressions] Greetings from Kalos!

I'm doing terribly at this regular blogging thing aren't I?

Well unfortunately, something huge happened recently. You might have heard about it and how it is impacting kids, teens and young adults across the world.

Yes. I am talking about Pokemon X and Y.

It's been available for pre-order for so long, but I avoided it as I wasn't 100% keen on the idea of shelling out money for a 3DS when I had a perfectly good regular DS... Then as the release date drew nearer, that little annoying devil on my shoulders pleading got too much. So I sat down to consider the benefits, price, did I need to pay all that extra for a big screen? Errr nope... What about colour though? ... Etc... So on... So forth ...Well, in short.

Say hello to Bessie!
In the end, I went for a 3DS XL in white. Yeah, I know. I was against the XL! I didn't see the point in spending the extra just for a bigger screen. But I have this horrible habit that... When I can't make a rational informed decision... I make an irrational one. I liked the way the white looked best, and it only came in XL. I chose my game version in an equally stupid way. Ones a big deer, and ones a big birdy. I like deers better. (It was actually a much better decision making process than choosing between Black and White last generation... But lets not get into that...)

I'm about half way through the initial story line so I don't feel like i'm ready to give you a full review, but I think I can give you a low down of first TEN thoughts I had in my first play of the game, and my overall initial opinion!

Warning: Potential SPOILERS behind the cut! :)

Ready Skiddos? (Hehe, See what I did there?)

Ten thoughts while playing Pokemon X!
  1.   Oh hey Professor!
  2. How do I chose a starter? I'm not ready to make a commitment this big... 
  3. Neighbour? #friendzoned
  4. I still hate 3D...
  5. The battle sequences are pretty cool on this. 
  6. Pokemon from other gens available instantly?! AWESOME.
  8. What? No fresh water anymore mr gym dude?
  9. Why do I keep forgetting to buy pokeballs...
  10. Team Flare.... Dafuq is you?
I get pretty into my games. I hear a lot of people saying they don't like this new gen, but i'm a fan.A few of the concepts i'm a bit like 'meh' over... *cough*Megas*cough*. But I absolutely love the battle sequences, and the fact you can play training mini games to increase stats and play puzzles and fuss your pokemon. I actually think the pokemon designs are better this generation than the last, but despite having a couple of kickass pokemon and a few more to acquire, I'm pining for a Zebstrika.
(I am currently loving on Talonflame, Pyroar, Tyrantrum and my old faithful buddy Charizard. Apparently I turned into a dragon and fire type trainer this year!)

What don't I like? Well, it's not so much I don't like it... But i'm on the fence about the new animations with Pokemon fainting. Some of them are far too sad. The way quadruped 'mons drop to the floor is a little heart wrenching if you're a total wuss like me. Don't even get me started on the cute little standing ones that faceplant the floor...

So all in all, if you were still on the fence about Pokemon X and Y. Get off that fence and go get it! Then send me your friend code! Battler up!

This turned out way longer than I thought it would be!

Well, I gotta go! Hitting the gym ;)

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