Monday, 21 October 2013

Today I did a good thing...

Since finishing uni and getting back into my part time job i've been thinking that i'd like to set up a monthly charity donation through the bank. I hadn't given much thought to where as I sort of presumed that once i'd shrugged off a little more of the financial uni baggage i'd begin donating to Dogs Trust (the doggie care charity that we adopted our amazing puppy Tia from) or the RSPCA to do even the smallest bit I could to help more animals.

Well today I answered the door (after a 'where are the keys' and 'I probably shouldn't have just stuffed those mini pretzels in my mouth' moment) to some lovely ladies recruiting sponsers on behalf of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. So what better opportunity to put some thought and then pull my card out and act than right then! So I signed up to sponsor a guide dog puppy!

 So as of now, I am signed up to sponsor Truffle! Look at this gorgeous little face.

So if you're interested in also sponsoring a puppy from as little as one pound a week head on over to the Sponsor a Puppy page! There are three gorgeous puppies you can sponsor and receive updates from! I can't wait to see how this little gorgeous bundle of fluff is doing and start my donations!

I'm also excited to check out the welcome days hosted at the local Guide Dogs center! I'm sure it'll be really informative and, who doesn't want to go and see a lovely doggy?*

*providing of course you're not allergic and/or terrified of dogs... Or just don't like them. You strange thing...

So that's my update from today!
Hope you had a good day too! :D

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