Friday, 4 April 2014

May Day Wishlists;

So the first of April came and went, thus the spending ban commenceth. Let's commemorate that day with a post about things I can't have for at least a month. Because it gives you all almost a month to drop subtle hints to my family and friends about what I want for my birthday. I'm counting on you lovelies.

Wishlist :O

So from left to right, what do we have here!?
Minecraft Beanie Creeper £8 @ The Entertainer
I love Creepers. I am absolutely dying to have one. Especially one of the big ones that hiss, but they're around £30 in stores. The Minecraft beanies in The Entertainer are only £8, and though the creepers seem rather small, the pigs and demon cows are equally as awesome!

Bunny Things £??? @ Pets at Home
I've been speaking to my landlord (Aka mum) about getting a bunny this Easter. I've been looking at hutches, and on payday I'm going to see if there is a bunnybaby at the pet store for me, while I pick up duck feed for my feathered babies at work. If I get to bring a little fluffball home, he or she will be spoiled rotten, so bunny toys a plenty are needed!

Retro Coffee Cushion £12 @ BHS
My room is slowly turning into a glamourous 50's Hollywood inspired lair haven. So aside from shelving, it's time for trinkets to add those final touches. This coffee cushion has a bit of a rockibilly edge. Not quite Hollywood glam, but still awesome.

Tim Gunn's Golden Rules; Little Life Lessons for Making it Work. £5.59 @ Amazon
I love Tim Gunn. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like Tim Gunn. So, Tim Gunn book. Want.

Mission Control Statement Ring £35 @ Tatty Devine
I love the Spacey influence on the Misson Control series at Tatty Devine, and this Mission Control ring would be perfect for a little pop of colour and retro space B-movie heroine for everyday wear.  Plus I was once in Return to the Forbidden Planet. #throwback

Sven from Disney's Frozen £18 @ Disney Store
If you've been in the Disney store recently and picked one of these up, you'll know they're pretty big, cuddly and super soft. Plus if you've seen Frozen you'll be aware that it, and Sven are awesome!

So there we have it! Some of the things i'm lusting after this month.

What tops your spring wishlist?


  1. i really love your blog! All of these things look so cool especially the creeper beenie and Sven from frozen! Also i have recently been tagged to to do the beauty blogger tag and have tagged you to do it too x

    Sarah |

    1. Thank you!
      I just found one of the big ones on ebay for less than 20. BUYING!

      I will post the tag soon! I'm so far behind on my blogging it's unreal. I've got atleast a weeks worth of posts almost ready to go, eep!

      Ray xo

  2. Awww I so want a bunny! I love the idea of getting an Easter bunny :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I'm having difficulty passing this motion through my other landlord. (Dad.)

      My friend got a little black kitten on Halloween, it's made me so jealous! :p

      Ray xo