Monday, 7 April 2014

#SuperGorgeousApril Weekly Round-Up

It's been a whole week of #SuperGorgeousApril, the cool photo challenge by @SuperGorgeous  on Instagram and I have been late with my posts atleast three times! Whoopsie... But I am glad to announce I haven't yet missed a theme, so it's time to share my weekly round up with you!

Photo-A-Day Themes - April
I was a happy April fool. Phone, tools, Illamasqua and black eyeliner. What more do I need? :p

I seldom wear much on my wrists, and truth be told... I got Arm-Candy and Eye-Candy mixed up. But I had a nice girl date with my friend Erin so have a picture of her face.

I'm in desperate need of some more brushes. But so far I like my Dirty Works brushes, and i'm going to snap up some Real Techniques soon. But the best part of my brushes? I keep them in a Wreck-it Ralph tin. Hehehehe.

The dictionary said that 'Vamp' can also mean something patched up or pieced back together. So I got all Frankenstein up in here. A little eyeliner and some bruised tone shadows (plus a dark filter) made this look kinda cool. Until I realised that I really hadn't taken a single good photo.

I wanted to do something new with my hair, so I ordered a wig online to see if I could pull off a full fringe and a darker colour, inspired by Bettie Page and Morticia Addams. In some pictures the end result wasn't too bad, but the mirror said otherwise.

I started testing these new wipes out a couple of days ago as my skin was breaking out big time. Two days and two wipes later and my skin was back to its usual self. They smell like fancy hair products. I'll give you a proper review post of these soon! She says...

Check out these super cool blue metallic skinny jeans I picked up at some point last year. I haven't actually had a chance to wear them yet as they came up quite small and I haven't quite figured out where to wear them, or what to put them with. Ideas?

There we have it! One whole week! I'm looking forward to the next one. Are you taking part in #SuperGorgeousApril? Leave a comment below with your instagram url or clicky the Instagram logo and give me a follow. cheeky instagram plug

Have a great week everyone! :)

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