Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Travel Wishlist;

Hey everyone!

I seem to be suffering from a spot of bloggers block lately.
Well yesterday I realised that my friends sons birthday falls right when i'm away in December, which made me think, I need to plan my next holiday a little better. Which then made me wonder... Where do I want to go next year? There's so much I want to see, I better start saving. 


Today i'm going to share 10 places that I want to visit, and things i'd like to see.
P.S. In no particular order. 

Times Square. New York, United States of America.

Shinjuku. Tokyo, Japan.

Hotel de Glace. Quebec, Canada.

Hobbiton. New Zealand.

Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong.

Marina Bay Sands resort. Singapore.

Red Square. Moscow, Russia.

Machu Picchu. Peru.

Keizersgracht. Amsterdam.

Route 66. Various, United States of America.

What places are on your hit list of places to explore?


  1. Great places, i'd love to explore Russia myself too, especially by train. That would be a great experience. Washington DC is the biggie on my list atm, just need to start saving for it.

    1. Ahhhh, that would be so fantastic. <3

      I hope you get all saved up and on your trip to Washington DC soon! :)

      Ray xo