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[Let's Watch] Once Upon A Time

Who saw my wishlist post the other day?
Well I went ahead and ordered Once Upon a Time season 3 on dvd, because I can not wait any longer. Seriously, i'm going crazy. It's been dispatched, Mr Postie where for art thou!? No srs. #impatient

Let's Watch

 My friend loves this series. He went on, and on and on about it until I caved and downloaded an episode. Then he didn't stop nagging me until I watched it. So eventually I got my mum and dad to sit down with me and watch. We've been hooked since, and mums been getting all her friends to watch.

I think next time he tells me to watch something, i'm just going to do it. Boy's got taste.

For now, i'm just going to talk about the first two seasons, and i'll give you an update after season three. If I can. It may just be muffled screams of frustration that season 4 hasn't graced our screens yet. (Although the new additions to the cast of season four have been confirmed, and I can't wait!)

Are you ready to enter the SPOILER zone?
The Plot;
Good always beats evil, right? Well it seems that evil has stepped up it's game when the Evil Queen casts an incredibly powerful curse, and takes away every single happy ending in the land! True love is torn apart, and evil reins supreme as the Evil Queen's memories remain intact and she takes the role of Mayor in the new land the curse creates. Almost everyone else is doomed to a life with no idea who they once were.

But, as we are frequently reminded... All magic, comes with a price, and the curse can be broken by one person... So you can expect all hell to let loose when that person arrives in town, and everyone gets their memories back. I can't count the amount of times I yelled 'dammit you can't just stop there' at the TV, but if I was to make a rough estimate, the first thing I'd do is check how many episodes there are. Then i'll have my answer!

The Characters;
Everyone you ever knew, loved, read about or wanted to be... Crops up at some point. Not only fairytale characters, as plenty of familiar Disney faces pop up here and there. Heck, we even get to meet Frankenstein! (Yes, really!) OUAT gives these characters unique twists, and everyones lives seem to intertwine. Everyone is important to the story in some way, and little bits of information are added here, and there... Like little crumbs to cling to while you wait for a chance to watch the next episode.

I know you're meant to root for the good guys, but damn is the Evil Queen a fantastic character. Most of the 'bad' guys are done so brilliantly, as OUAT lets you get to know what makes every single character tick, where they've come from and why their goals are what they are, the lines between hero and villain become blurred and you start to just like everyone. In my house, we particularly like Rumplestiltskin. He's easily the most quotable, but I also love Red Riding Hood, and Captain Hook.

The Design;
In the land of Storybrooke, Maine, the characters have style. I particularly like the clothes Emma and Mary Margaret wear. Storybrooke itself, is a quaint little fictional town, actually filmed on location in a little Canadian town called Stevenson. (So if you fancy a geek out, you can wander around the set on Google Earth! ... Brb, off to Grannies. Milkshakes all round?)

The costumes in the Fairytale land, are a different story all together. They are absolutely phenomenal. Almost all of the Evil Queen's outfits are things I would love to wear. Everything looks so genuine, it's like being dropped straight into the Enchanted Forest yourself. I spend a great amount of time watching this show wondering where I can get clothes like the outfits I see in the show, and a lot of time being envious of all the pretty lipstick shades the stars are rocking. She may be Evil, but the Queen has the best taste in lippy.

The Special Effects;
It actually pains me to say the effects aren't spectacular. But for a TV show, they aren't half bad. There's magic, giants, portals and vanishing ships. With all of this, I think the special effects team have done a damn good job. Everything else is that good, you probably won't care that the purple smoke as seen below may or may not quite be as spectacular as you'd like it to be.
The Soundtrack;
As far as I can tell, the soundtrack is comprised of an almost completely original score, and I think there may be a splash of popular music here and there. Although without re-watching I can't be certain. The soundtrack is a work of art that perfectly complements the action on screen. I find the best soundtracks are ones you don't feel yourself noticing, as it lulls you in to whatever it is that you're watching, and i'm more or less always glued to the screen when Once Upon A Time is on.

To Conclude;
Once Upon A Time, has everything. Comedy, drama, intrigue, suspense, whodunnit, wtf and all the characters you know and love from your childhood bedtime stories. (And Frankenstein, for good measure... 'Cause you know. Why not?) I love spotting actors I recognise, and they seem to be popping up everywhere! Folks you know and love from series like House M.D and Lost, and classics like Fight Club and The Full Monty. I can not recommend this highly enough. Even my dad loves it!

Are you a fellow ONCER? Is this on your list to watch yet?
I've already got my 2015 calender on order. Captain Hook is the poster boy for my birth month, I just couldn't resist! (In fact, I bought two. Hehehe.)

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