Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy Days : September Birchbox

It's time for the second unboxing of the month, Birchbox! Mine and mums boxes were more or less identical this month, so I'm only going to show you what was in mine today. This month the box has had a bright and funky makeover for the 'Happy Days' theme, and the inner card is decorated with happy memories and photos from Birchbox subscribers.

This month we got to chose a ModelCo sample, which should hopefully be in each box.
There were lip lacquers in the colours Morocco and Viva, or the Powerlash mascara to chose from, and I am glad to report I got the sample I wanted! Woo!

So, what did I chose?

ModelCo Lip Lacquer - Viva (£15.00)
This month we got to chose which ModelCo sample we wanted and I chose the Lip Lacquer in Viva. I'm kind of a lip product junkie, and the other shade looked a bit like one of the Illamasqua velvet lip liquids to me and I already have all three available shades of those. Plus, Mum is the mascara junkie so I may be able to steal hers if she doesn't like it. It's not quite as bright as it looks on camera.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream (£25.50)
I already use this, so having another to pop into my drawer of travel goodies is a bonus. The others I have came in gift sets, but this one in cute dinky little box. I have absolutely no idea why, but I like to try and keep anything that comes in a box, in it's box. The sample contains 3 grams of product, which will last a good while.

Korres Citrus Body Milk (£9.50)
I've never tried anything from Korres but I have had a nosey at some of their products. I really like that it's a Greek brand, and I like to see how the beauty products from other countries differ from ours. My first impression of this says that it smells nice and is really smooth formula. It's a really decent sized sample, so for now I think this may make it into my travel kit.

Agave Healing Body Oil ($40)
I'm getting quite the stash of oils I really must start to try. Mum was quite excited about her sample of this as it claimed it would tame frizzy hair, which she has magically acquired in her old age. (I'm glad she doesn't read my blog. I'd probably get a slap for that one... :p) I couldn't actually find a UK retailer for this that wasn't ebay or amazon, but Sephora carries it. It comes in two sizes, 60ml for $24 or 120ml for $40. The sample is 4ml, and the recommended use is a 5p size blob. So i'd say there's a good two or three uses there.

Premae - Mild Pro Dermabrasion (£25.00)
This is an in shower face and body scrub. It doesn't really smell of anything to me, which isn't really a problem. This came at a pretty good time, as i'm about to start polishing a patch of skin for tattooing, so i'll be using this for sure. It's also vegan, which I was really impressed by as it is something that will sway my decision on what products to buy. (Although I do really like Lush scrub...) I think there are a good few uses in this 20ml sample. I could not get a good picture of this at all. :(

Lifestyle Extras;
Urban Fruit : Smashing Strawberry (£13.20)
Sorry, I ate these for breakfast when my box arrived and they were really yummy. The pack says they are 'just fruit, gently baked', and they are similar to some of the fruits i've been getting in graze packs and I really enjoy them. They are sold as packs of 6 and come in three different fruits. Magnificent Mango, Smashing Strawberry, and Perfect Pineapple.

Happy Days PhotoClip
I think these come in five different colours? I got a bright lime green. These are quite funky little clips, and I used to have a bunch of these with ticket stubs on. I'm not sure where they vanished to...

What ModelCo sample did you chose this month?
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