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My Little Paris : September - Spoilers

Good Morning!!!

I'm really excited today, as the very first of the 'My Little Box' has arrived!

My Little Paris is a French company that starting this September have launched 'My Little Box', a UK version of their subscription service, and they do things a little differently. Every box includes a product from their own in-house beauty line, a little magazine and handpicked extras every month like little gifts, lifestyle accessories and cute postcards. The price of the box is £11 per month with £3.95 for shipping on top.

I'm not sure if everyone gets the same box every month or not, so, are you ready for some serious potential spoilers? Let's have a peek at what I got in my box!

TADA! The theme for this month is 'My Little Parisienne Box', which is kind of the perfect welcome box I think. The outer packaging also had this cute quote sticker on the inside lid which made me giggle, as I actually go to Paris in a day under three months, and have spent most of the last week sorting what we intend to do, and what to get advance tickets for.

So when I popped open the box, it was tied in a cute bow with this adorable print on top. I gotta say I did retie this bow. I don't think I did too bad of a job.

Getting really excited about Paris here.

Here's the first item! The magazine. This month it is in the form of notebook. It's pretty heavy and the paper feels really nice and thick and of good quality.

The first part of the notebook is the magazine section with some info about the service, and a bunch of cute doodles.

Next up is some cute stickers. I don't know about you but I love stickers. My favourites are the Metro and street signs. They are really beautiful and ornate in Paris, so they're going to be cool to see.

So underneath that we get to the main bulk of the goodies. What's in the cute little bag? I see polka dots! At first glance I thought maybe that was a pillow/cushion case, as i'd seen a previous french box that contained one. But we'll get to that in a minute. Let's see whats in the bag!

Yay! Beauty and make up bits! This impressed me. The Laura Mercier foundation primer is a 30ml tube, and the full size is £29 for 50ml! By my maths, (which is probably incredibly wrong.) I make the sample to be worth £17.40, which is more than I payed for the box and its shipping.

Next is a highlighting pen from their in-house beauty range. I've had a look at these products and the packaging is seriously adorable, so I was actually pretty excited to see what would arrive in my first box. It is listed as being worth 14€, or £11. I like being able to see the price in Euros, over the next few months it'll help me get an idea of how much i'll be spending on things in Paris.

And lastly is this 'Huile Prodigieuse' by Nuxe. I wasn't actually sure what this is at first glance, but turns out it is a multi use dry oil, and can be used on the face, or for hair and body. It also came with a 15% off coupon code for the Nuxe website. I have a very tiny stash of oil samples to try, as i've not really tried oils before, ever. Must get round to it.

The last item was wrapped in this cute little card sleeve.

It was a laptop sleeve! It fits my lappy like a glove and I did need one so I was really happy to find this in my box. I think it is a neoprene case, and I always find them to be great at protecting your techy goods. Perfect fit for a 13.3 inch laptop, but there is a bit of give in these so may stretch to a 15.

So that's what I got in my box. The My Little Box website says they aim to delight and surprise every month. I am both delighted and surprised so they have well and truly hit their mark. I am really happy with my box and already I can not wait to see what Octobers box has in store. As with all the subscription boxes I am subscribed to, I kinda hope for something Halloween themed. We shall see!

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