Friday, 26 September 2014

Sugar and Vice - Jewellery Subscription Box - The Witching Hour Box

Out of all the subscription boxes due to arrive in September, this is the one I was most excited for. I love Sugar & Vice. The jewellery is very high quality, and I always found it super tough to chose between the entire website if ever I wanted to order something. Stopping myself from buying everything is seriously difficult, so when they launched a subscription box, I signed up like right that second. (Seriously, I did it in the car, on the way to work.)

It arrived early last week in this lovely pink box, and slipping the lid off revealed a sweet thank you card (which I forgot to snap a pic of....) popping candy, Randoms and some black packages! I seriously love popping candy so already i'm a happy bunny, and I couldn't wait to find out what was in the little baggies.

Bat Wing Necklace (£15.00)
The first thing I pulled out was the Bat Wing necklace. The wings themselves are really cool and this is quite a decent size, and bigger than I thought it was going to be. There are a few bits in the range with the Bat Wing design and I like all of them so I may be grabbing the entire set. The sunglasses are just amazing.

Bone Earrings (£10.00)
These bone earrings will be great for Halloween, but i've also got a few other costume/cosplay ideas that I think these would go great with. I like the fact that it's a stud and not a wire as well, as personally I prefer to know that my earrings are fitting nice and snugly against my ear.

Pentagram Necklace (£11.00)
When the collection became available online, I did have my eye on this necklace. But as i'm horrible with choosing things and making decisions, I was umming and aaahing, would I like the necklace or the earrings? So it was a yay moment when I got this in the box as the decision was made for me. I'd probably get way more wear out of the necklace too.

Planchette Necklace (£13.00)
I had my eye on this, but it comes in two colours. I can't do decisions! I'm actually really pleased with the wooden one. It's really good quality, a nice size and looks great. The other option is a metallicy silver, but it doesn't quite have that creepy realistic feel to it that the wooden one does. This will also get a fair amount of wear. It's definitely my kind of thing.

So far the total comes to £49.00, so it has already exceeded how much I paid for the box, and we haven't gotten to the best part yet. The 'Subscription Box Exclusive' necklace. I love this. I love all the little details from the glittery moon to the cross on the bell. This is one of those necklaces that I think I would have just saw and went 'Yes, i'll buy that.' right then and there. So I was really, really pleased with this necklace.

All Sugar & Vice jewellery comes on sturdy necklaces with a cute little branded tag. Other necklaces I have the tag is the diamond like the logo print on the boxes, but the Halloween collection have these cute little themed tags instead.

My box definitely has quite a 'Bad Witch' vibe to it, and that suits me just fine. If you are looking for some quirky and high quality halloween accessories, The Witching Hour collection is exactly what you need.

The box is priced at £35 + £4 p&p every 3 months. Which for me is a right bargain and someone else does the choosing for me! I'd gladly spend way more on their products, if I didn't have such a hard time picking what I wanted. Sign-up for the next box is currently closed, but will re-open on the 17th of November, here. I think the next box contain goodies from a new festive collection, just in time for Christmas. Yay!

Who else got S&V boxes? What did you get?

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