Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Luna Cinema presents Batman @ Pinewood Studios

On Tuesday, I knocked another item off my 'Things to go do' list, and headed off on a magical adventure to an outdoor cinema screening! The screening was presented by The Luna Cinema at Pinewood Studios, and the film we saw was the 1989 classic, Batman!

My friend and I both love Batman, and studied film together so we were really excited to go to our first 'outdoor cinema' experience at Pinewood Studios. We haven't seen each other since Graduation over a year ago, so it was the perfect chance to have a catch up. It was also a really special screening as Batman was filmed at Pinewood Studios 25 years ago. That's also the alarming moment when you realise that the 90's began 24 years ago. Whaaaat!?
We went for 'VIP' tickets that also included a directors chair to sit on, a free drink at the bar and a Benefit goody bag. I was heading there on a train so lugging extra blankets or chairs wasn't really a great option, so the chairs being part of the ticket was awesome for me. Not only were they cute, they were seriously comfy.
For my free drink I chose Voss Water, as it's that funky one that I always see in Selfridges and always want but never buy. I don't know why I never buy it. I'm not usually well behaved with money.

The Benefit goody bag had a They're Real mascara and Porefessional in, and the Benebabes were also selling some deluxe minis and make up bags and other little sets with all the money going to charity. I can't remember exactly how much had been raised this summer, but it was an impressive amount.

There was also Luna Cinema things like blankets, back rests and Metcalfes Popcorn for sale, but as it was Pinewood Studios there was also some of that merchandise on sale too. I got a cute clapper board keyring, and my friend got this awesome poncho in a ball. I wish I went back and got one too as it was only a few pounds.
It was a long and expensive train trip, but I'm really glad I made the journey down there as the experience did not disappoint in anyway. The space where the screening was set up looked magical as the sun began to set, with lights dotted about in the trees to lead the way from the clearing to the bar. The locations was perfect as it was well away from roads and set quite a way back into the studios. So when it went quiet, it was practically silent. It was kind of eerie, but eerie in a good way.  And there were baby bunnies running around in the trees!

It really seemed like everything was covered, from the Benebus to the bar, the snacks and merchandise available, and the hot food by Dog and Bun went down a treat with other cinema-goers. I saw a lot of Batman t-shirts dotted about which was pretty cool, and there was a really good mix of people. It was nice to see that the event had attracted such a wide audience.
I can't in good conscience make this post without mentioning the portable toilet cubicley type things. Why can't all 'PortaLoos' be so fancy!? I still haven't scrubbed the horror of a festival portaloo off me from the beginning of Summer yet.

We already talked about going again next year, as it was a really fun and different experience. I would get premium tickets again, although it might be fun to sit on the floor on picnic blankets and get the inflatable back rests next time. Next time, I'll either go earlier in the season, or remember to wear something warm! It got pretty chilly as the night wore on.

Did you go to a Luna Cinema screening this summer? What did you see?

Unfortunately the season is almost over, but there's still chance to get tickets for the Frozen Sing-A-Long at Hampton Court Palace! I wish I was going, but there's always next year!

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  1. It looks like so much fun, hopefully I get to go next year!

    Really like your blog, just followed :o)

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    1. If you get the chance I definitely recommend going!
      It's such a unique and fun thing to do. But go earlier in the summer if you can! It got really cold at night!

      Ray xo