Sunday, 23 November 2014

"Hey Big Spender!" Festive £25+ Gift Guide

Good day! The final part of my gift guide series has arrived! This time I bring you a showcase of some of the most amazing beauty gifts, quirky toys and budget busting showstopper gifts.


In the world of beauty gifts everyone has really out done themselves this year. Everywhere you look there's a must have gift set, with great products in adorable packaging. I'm really hoping Santa gets the memo and there's a little MAC and Urban Decay under the tree for me this year! You may need Santa, or at least a little luck as over half of these are sold out online! Never fear, you've plenty of time to find them.

Good friends, good food, good reads and comfy pjs... What else do we need at Christmas? (Aside from the family... :p) A minion of your own? Got you covered with this selection of gifts, and all coming in at under £50, you'll have some pennies spare to treat the giftee to some cute extras.

Super Big Spenders

Got a bigger budget to treat someone really special? A pastel ice watch will make a great gift, or a gorgeous set of GHD's like the Wonderland styler. I love my Ice Watch in mint, and they come in really great packaging to make it an extra cool gift. I have no idea what those Xeno things are, but I'd have been all about that as a kid. In the beauty realm, splash out on the bumper WOW! giftset from Lush, Nars' Vault or the really sweet BonBon set.

That's all for now, but don't forget to check out my more budget friendly guides too!

Have you seen anything to add to your Christmas wish list? How about your shopping lists?
Let me know! Happy Shopping!

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