Monday, 24 November 2014

My Little Cosy Box

Great minds think alike. Or in this case, great beauty boxes think alike. When it comes to subscriptions I think My Little Box is my favourite, so I was really happy to see they were also going with the 'Cosy' angle for November. 
Although it seemed to take forever for my box to arrive this month. They usually arrive quite sharpish, so I was a little baffled.
First things we find in this months box, another print for my collection and a cute new magazine to delve into. I like the My Little World magazine, as it has tutorials, recipes, DIY and other articles. So it's really nice to have a little flick through.

Espresso Cup;
I think this is an espresso cup? I don't drink tea or coffee or any kind of hot beverage. But this is cute. I'll probably give this to Remy, to use as a serving cup for her bunny pellets. We're trying to cut down how much the little chunk eats of other foods and increase her hay intake and this looks like it'd be a great method for portion control.

Microwave Pouch by Tsumori Chisato
It got cold faster than I could think about a winter pjs this year, and I have found myself freeezing under my duvet far too often for my liking, so this is a welcome addition to the box. The print on this is ridiculously cute. The little kitty and giraffe like spots make it really quirky, but red with white spots also feels a little Minnie Mouse to me, so I may well be taking this to Paris too!

My Little Beauty 'Volume & Care' Mascara (19€ / 9ml)
After the prints, the My Little Beauty item is what I look forward to most in these boxes. This month's offering is a mascara. This is in quite chunky packaging, less intricate than some of the others. Just in time too, I needed a new mascara.

Essie Mini in Cute as a Button (£7.99 / 15ml)
I know a lot of people who love Essie polishes, but i've never actually tried any. This one just so happened to be an almost exact match to the colour I was wearing when the box arrived though, so I may pass this off to a friend who seems to never buy a polish that isn't Essie... Ever. I'd love to peep her polish collection to test this theory...

Arcancil Paris Star Liner (6.90€ / 1.1g)
I am an eyeliner fiend, so getting an eyeliner was a nice and very welcome surprise this month. I checked the website for this company and this eyeliner comes in a bunch of different (and gorgeous) colours, so if I like it then i'll definitely try and get my paws on some more of these in Paris next month.

So that was Novembers box! I love that the beauty pouch seemed to fit a little theme. Essential and weather proof, but things that will also be useful for the party season over all! The heaty pack was a really nice thing to receive, especially with how cute it is. Next month I hope for something sparkly and festive. Maybe a few snowflakes here and there, and a bunch of glitter.

Do you subscribe? How do you feel about this box!?

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