Tuesday, 18 November 2014

[Review] Kat Von D : Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

Following my review of the Sephora Give Me Some Lip set, I thought i'd show you the other set I picked up in my order. So today I have the fabulous Kat Von D Studded Kiss mini lipstick set to show you. The set costs $39, which is about £25.77 and contains 9 mini lipsticks.

When the Studded Kiss Lipsticks were first released, I bought the shade Gothica almost straight away because on the original swatches it stole my heart as soon as I laid eyes on it. The 'sparkling bronze' shade wasn't like anything I owned, so I had to have it! I later went on to pick up Lullabye, a 'sparkling magenta violet' in a blog sale.

Sephora say this set is worth $126, so $14 for each mini. Each mini contains 0.04oz, about 1.2grams. A full size Studded Kiss lipstick is $21 and contains 0.10oz of product, which is over 2.5 grams. So at almost half the size, i'd have said each one would be worth about $11 at a bare minimum, so i'd agree with the estimate worth of the set. Especially when looking at the attention to detail on the packaging.

Size Comparison.

The set contains six matte, one metallic and two iridescent lipsticks. So it's predominately matte lipsticks. There's a nice range of colours as well, four of which are red toned, two neutral, two brights and a nice dark cherry shade.

 Countess || Adora || Hexagram
Countess : Matte Hot Orange Red.
I actually liked this a lot more when I swatched it than I did in the bullet. It seems very orange, but the hints of red come out when on the skin. I wont wear this over the Winter, but it'll be probably be topping my list of colours to wear in the Summer.
Adora : Metallic Golden Red.
Adora is seriously beautiful, and performed really well in the shower test, and came out virtually untouched. The metallic gold tone to this red gives it a nice shimmer. Words are actually failing me to describe this. I think you have to see it and try it on to really appreciate how stunning this one is.
Hexagram  : Matte Blood Red.
I wouldn't personally call this a blood red, but it is a really nice deep blue based red. I do prefer a darker colour especially with reds, and the blue base makes it a nice fit for my pale skin. It's a good winter shade too, so it's a thumbs up from me.

 Sexer || Bachelorette || Wonderchilde
Sexer : Iridescent Fluorescent Pink.
Sexer is a really bright sexy pink and it looks amazing. Although it says it's iridescent it doesn't seem very sparkly or iridescent at all... Although it is definitely fluorescent!
Bachelorette : Matte Reddish Fuchsia.
This pink based red looks more like a red based pink to me, if that makes any sense. It is most certainly a red/pink blend even though it looks quite red in the bullet. I can see this being really nice for day time.
Wonderchilde : Iridescent Neon Lilac.
There's a strange scuffing on the bullet of this one, which made me a little sad. I expected this to be a little grainy like the texture of Lullabye and Gothica, but it wasn't really. It is a really bright and sparkly neon colour.

Lovecraft || Mötorhead || Agatha
Rabbit fur gets everywhere...
Lovecraft : Matte Mauve Pink Nude.
This one is everything I had hoped it would be. A very pretty neutral that gets a 10 on the staying power scale. I wore this out for a work meal, and didn't touch up once. It didn't feel too drying to me either, but it might be a tad on the dry side now the weather is colder.
Mötorhead : Matte Black Cherry.
This one looks quite dark in the bullet, maybe even more brownish than black cherry, but it is a seriously lush darkened plummy cherry shade when worn. It seemed to transfer off really easily and didn't last through eating a meal. Although my fork was a lovely purpley shade when I was done...
Agatha : Matte Pale Peach Nude.
This one stood up pretty well to the shower test, some had come off but the overall colour remained. However, it looked absolutely awful on me. I can imagine this being gorgeous on a darker skin tone, but i'm pretty pale, and it was just icky.

I was hoping to do some on the lips swatches, but since the cold weather arrived it's played hell with my poor lips, so I just swatched them on my arm instead. As my luck would have it, the scratches Remy left on my arms at the vets have cleared up just nicely by now.

I like darker lip colours, and shades like Hexagram and Mötorhead are great for autumn/winter. So they will probably be my most regularly used in the upcoming months. The stars of the set for me are Adora and Lovecraft, both absolutely stunning colours. I don't see myself wearing Agatha, as it really doesn't suit my skin tone. The others are all nice extras to have in my stash, so that makes me a happy bunny indeed!

I really like these lipsticks, and i'd definitely consider buying more shades. I've got my eye on Poe, Wolvesmouth and Cathedral.

Are you lusting after any of Kat Von D products?  Let me know what you fancy!

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  1. Lovely blog! I just followed as well. This set looks awesome! I just started wearing lipstick so this post came in handy!


    1. Thank you Ashley!

      It is a great set, and a nice price to try all those pretty shades and finishes!

      Ray xo <3

  2. These colors are so pretty and I love their packaging!


    1. The packaging is fabulous! I remember seeing Kat post the prototype designs on twitter. The finished project is just beautiful.

      Ray xo <3