Thursday, 20 November 2014

Byron Burgers : Beak Street London

Ever since reading Tattooed Tea Lady's post about Byron Burgers, I was dying to go and try the courgette fries. I'm usually the furthest away from these interesting places, but finally a little bit of luck as I was actually going to be in London visiting a friend and flat out demanded she take me. There are a few in London and as we were shopping on Oxford Street, we weren't far from one, so dipped in for a well deserved break.

If you ignore the fact we went the wrong way about three times, Byron was actually really easy to find. Past Hamleys store and look for the Beak Street sign, turn there, then it's just before Illamasqua (which we of course popped into when we'd finished our food).

I can't make my mind up about the interior. The exposed kitchen was a nice touch,  although from our seats we couldn't really see it past the intricate staircase. Everything looked nice and clean, but I was kind of expecting something sleek and modern. The Beak Street store was more industrial in style. It kind of reminded me of somewhere i'd expect to eat in The Foundry... You know, from The Urbz ps2 game...

Inside the door is the little greaters podium, we were there a few seconds before receiving a really enthusiastic greeting. It was quite quiet at about half 12, so it was quite quiet and we were served pretty quick. By the time we left about an hour later it had filled up a lot more.

The staff were really friendly, even the chefs looked cheery. I eavesdropped a little on our servers conversation with a nearby table, (sorry!) she really knowledgeable about the company, their locations and the food they served. I saw a few different members of staff around, and thought it was pretty quirky how their uniform consisted of t-shirts with things like cheese or pickle written on them.

So onto the food! I of course went for 'the Veggie burger'. Grilled portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper, goat’s cheese, baby spinach, tomato, red onion and aioli. It didn't feel like eating a 'fast food' at all. It tasted very healthy, fresh and totally yummy. The bun was nice and soft, the mushroom was a really tasty one, the grilled pepper was prepared just right, and the extra toppings complimented it perfectly. I'm supposed to be on a diet, and I didn't feel naughty chowing down on this at all. It really feels like a lot of thought went into the creation of the vegetarian option and it's really refreshing to be offered something so different. Not that i've got anything against bean burgers... But they can get a little boring after a while.

Veggie Burger £7.95 || Courgette Fries £3.50

The courgette fries are a great twist on a classic side. I expected these to be a little like tempura, but they weren't. The batter was really light, and not greasy at all. But the cut and the batter made it a bit more fun than just eating courgette. They tasted fresh and were really well cooked. I know i've tried to cook courgette before and gotten it horribly wrong...

 Classic Burger £6.75  || French Fries £2.95

My non veggie buddy went for a classic burger and fries combo. She said her burger was well prepared and not at all greasy, neither were the fries. I can confirm that, I nabbed a few to test for myself. Just so I could report back, of course... Things I do for you, hey? :p

For the two of us, the bill came to £25 something...  So we both paid £15 each and left the change as a tip for our server who was great. For lunch in central London, I don't think £15 each was bad at all and our tummies stayed full for quite I while, even with all the walking we did that day. (According to my phone, i'd done five miles by the time I got on my bus back home.) We were going to have a dessert to, but as we felt full we changed our minds. Since seeing pics of them on trip advisor i'm glad. I think i'd have popped after one of those!

Overall, Byron is somewhere we would visit again.

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