Friday, 7 November 2014

The Santa's Bag App

Hey everyone!

I have a bunch of great posts planned this week, but my adorable little fluffy bunnykins Remy has been poorly. So between sleepless nights, vet trips and bugging her every five minutes with a bundle of hay I wasn't getting any of my posts ready. She seems to be well on the mend now so i'm trying to give her a bit more time to chill out. I think the poor little chunk has had about the same amount of sleep as me. Zzzzz.

So a nice short sweet post while the bunny naps. I mentioned this a few days ago in my favourites post, and today i'm going to do a bit of a review of the Santa's Bag app!

I love this app.

I'm a very messy minded and forgetful person, so unless I write things down, I am guaranteed to forget them. Santa's Bag helps you keeps track of all things 'Christmas Shopping', and comes with a handy countdown to the big day itself.

The app has a bunch of handy features, add pictures of your friends, list gift ideas and your budget! You can add a status to each gift idea, such as 'ordered', 'purchased' and even 'wrapped', as well as adding where you've hid them. No need to worry about nosey parkers peeping at your lists before the big day, especially if you lock your device with a password.

The fact that it keeps track of budget was a big help for me, as I have a habit of going a little overboard. Plus when you enter a gift you want to buy, it automatically adds it to your shopping list to keep track of what is left to buy.

The best part? This is a free app! I've only found it on the iTunes app store, and i've not yet found anything similar for android.

I'm now almost done with buying my presents. Just a few things left to pick up in Paris, and get them all wrapped up. My least favourite part of the festive season. :(

How do you get prepared for gift giving?

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  1. this is a great way to keep organised through out the christmas season! i'm going to download this straight away!

    1. It's so handy!
      I've added little pictures to all the lists and it looks really cute.

      Plus it has stopped me going overboard with my budget!

      Ray xo