Monday, 10 November 2014

[Unboxing] Cosy At Home : November Birchbox

I was genuinely excited when I saw the theme reveal for November's 'Cosy at Home' theme. It's exactly the kind of theme I was hoping to see in November. Dispatch day seemed to come really early this month. Guess they really wanted us to make the most of our cosy November huh?
The spoilers looked great; Dr Jart, Beauty Protector, OPI and English Laundry we're all products I was excited by the prospect of receiving. This months box was a lot heavier than any box I think i've had so far... Which was a little exciting. So, shall we delve in and see what goodies it holds?

Dr Jart+ V7 Balancing Toner *Full Size* (£18/100ml)
This months full size is a goodie. A whopping 100ml bottle of Dr Jart+. I had a feeling i'd get something from the V7 range, as I figured that is what my beauty profile lent towards. This is meant to tone and moisturize while brightening complexions and being kind to sensitive skin. Now that is what I call a multi-tasker. I'm actually really looking forward to giving this a whirl.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (£14/236ml)
This is a really nice sized sample, perfect for travelling. Especially as my next holiday is a wintry and probably windy trip to Paris. It's the first time i've received Beauty protector myself but i've seen it in other boxes over the last few months and always felt a little jealous. Now I have some too. Yay!

Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer in Sienna (£19/12g)
Bronzer intimidates me. I'm very pale and pretty happy that way. There are two shade options available so i'm assuming that this one is meant to be quite a good fit for paler skin, so they sent it to me. It does appear a little lighter than others i've seen. Who knows, maybe this is the bronzer I never knew I needed?

English Laundry Signature for Her (£60/50ml)
Mum has had a sample of this before as a bonus, so I know it smells nice. Definitely one for the travel kit.  It's described as being inspired by a classic country garden with rosy floral notes and hints of musk. Sounds a little more like a spring summer fragrance really but still, it is a nice scent.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil (£19.95/100ml)
This is the most interesting oil i've received in subscription box yet. It says to apply sparingly where needed. I'm definitely going to give this one a whirl in an attempt to combat the dry patches of skin that keep popping up. Darn cold weather!

Montezuma Milk Chocolate (£2.39/100g)
When I saw the spoilers popping up, one of the items looked like a hot chocolate, no idea why but I just can't stomach hot drinks, so I was really hoping I didn't get that. I was more than happy to get this chocolate bar instead. I don't actually know how I didn't eat it right away!

I was really hoping to get a little Dr Jart or Beauty Protector to try, some OPI would have been more than welcome. Two out of three ain't half bad, how they say. Overall, I think this is a really good box, and it seems like a lot of thought has been put into what we need now the weather has become chilly. The only item I wasn't really thrilled by is the bronzer. I just don't see myself using it.

Don't have a subscription and fancy one? You can sign up by clicking here. (Pssst, we both get £5 worth of points for the Birchbox shop if you do.) To further sweeten the deal, use the code NOV5 when you join and you can save £5 on your first box!

If you're already a subscriber, please share your unboxing posts with me! I love to see what everyone else gets in their boxes.

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