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[Let's Watch] House M.D

There aren't many shows I can honestly say I've seen every single episode of, especially not ones that ran for eight whole seasons. Although i've seen a a very large chunk of Friends, CSI and Criminal Minds, i'm sure I must have missed an episode here and there. Although with this series, i've sat through the entire box set, so i'm sure I haven't missed a thing.

Let's Watch

House M.D is an American medical based drama, casting its own spin on the genre. The series follows Dr. Gregory House and his team practicing diagnostic medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, New Jersey. House is to medicine, as Sherlock Holmes is to crime. An undisputed, yet unorthodox genius in their chosen fields.


Hugh Laurie consistently gives an outstanding performance as the anti-social, arrogant and sometimes downright crazy Doctor Gregory House. My dad even began to hate the character. (An honour otherwise only bestowed upon David Platt and Alan Harper.) House's genius leads to him taking on the unsolvable cases, and spoiler alert, solving them. Despite his nature, there is another side to Dr House, occasional gleams of this peep out in interactions with his team and patients.


The supporting cast are the shows greatest asset, despite the core group shifting a few times, many cast members still return frequently. You may recognise Dr Cameron and Dr Chase from Once Upon A Time and Chicago Fire, as well as a host of other familiar faces such as Jeremy Renner, Amanda Seyfried and Wentworth Miller. Olivia Wilde enters the show from Season 4 as Dr Remy Hadley, one of my personal favourite characters. You might have guessed that already if you've seen pics of my bunny on Instagram.


House's relationship with colleague Dr. James Wilson is one of the finer points of the show. Wilson is my favourite character by far, and the two make a very odd pair. Wilson is kind, caring and professional, pretty much everything that House isn't. Over the course of eight seasons, it seems that they face everything a friendship could be tested by.

So, if you're looking for a show that'll rip your heart out, put it back and repeat roughly every other episode for 8 seasons, this is it. It's not particularly festive, between House's darkly wicked sense of humour, medical mysteries, mind games and romance... But will definitely see you through long chilly evenings at home.

Already a House fan? What do you like best about the show? Let me know! 

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