Monday, 8 December 2014

[Let's Play] Pokemon Omega Ruby

It seems like it was at least four months ago I pre-ordered my copy of the latest Pokemon Game. I would have done it even earlier, but I couldn't chose between the two versions. In the end I chose Omega Ruby. My reasoning makes a little more sense this time round than trying to chose between Black and White when they were released. I based my decision on a) that I like to have a good mix of types in my team and b) I always try to keep my starter around. I knew I was going to be choosing Mudkip, the water type as my starter, and the Alpha Sapphire legendary, Kyogre is also a water type. So I went with the other option, where the legendary Pokemon is a ground type.

I have absolutely no idea where abouts I am in the game, but i'd hazard a guess at being about half way through. At least, I hope I am... I've scored six gym badges already but at this current point in time, i've been waylaid by the story line of defeating the bad guys. I'm about to take them on at their hideout, so maybe now they will buzz off and let me finish getting my badges so I can go on to storm the Pokemon league!

The Good;
‣I'm glad that Pokemon Amie and Super Training have made a return. I really like these features, as they as it gives you the chance to play games with the Pokemon, for boosted skills and experience in battle.
‣If there is a long ass trip you have to take, about half the time the screen fades out and when it fades back in, you're already there. The best part of that means not having to try and dodge a thousand wild Pokemon!
‣Hoenn in 3D looks really good. The big range of battle backgrounds look great, each town has its own little flair, and the gym interiors are quirky without being particularly annoying or over the top.
‣The main storyline seems to be lasting a while. It felt like the last game was done in a couple of sittings which was kind of disappointing. This one on the other hand seems to have plenty to do to keep the story going, and the story itself is stretched out longer. The Contest Halls and Secret Bases from the original Ruby and Sapphire games make a return. So again there are even more mini games and things to do that extend the amount of play you can get from this game.

Mightyena Latios Vileplume Sandslash Ninetales
The team, in progress.  <<source>>

The Bad;
‣I spent at least the first half of the game with two Pokemon. Two. I only picked up a third when a certain storyline specific Pokemon joined my team and I decided I wanted to keep it. I was so glad when I reached the Safari Zone, as I thought I could fill up my team. That didn't happen either. In the end I got on to find out where the good Poke's were.
‣There are a lot of routes that require HM moves, and I don't particularly want to waste the moves of my valuable party Pokemon on these moves. I want the best moves for battling and not to take trips to the pokemon center constantly.
‣I liked being able to customize the player with different outfits. I wish that returned.

The What Now?
‣I literally had no idea what was going on, or where I was meant to be going about 90% of the time. So far, Omega Ruby is scoring pretty low on my list of Pokemon games i've enjoyed playing, which is making me pretty sad face as I felt like I was waiting for this forever. That being said, it still has time to turn it all around as I haven't reached the part with the new type of evolution yet.

Are you playing Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby? What do you think? If you decided to pass this one by, why? Leave me your friend code if you want to do battle some time! :)

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