Thursday, 25 December 2014

[Top Five] Festive Things

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's a little later than i'd planned, but for today's post, I thought i'd share with you my Top Five things about the most wonderful time of the year! T'is the season to be jolly, and all that. I'm most definitely an Autumn/Winter baby, despite my spring birthday. It's not just the fashion, but the weather and atmosphere that make it the best!

So let's begin the count down with the runner up;
"Holiday's are Coming!" Its not Christmas 'til Coca-Cola say its Christmas. Imagine if they started airing the advert in July?! I actually went to see the trucks last year, which was rather fun. Lots of awkward and not that stealthy selfie taking in a huge crowd. Quite sad I missed them this year, but hey I was in Paris! C'est la vie! ;)

We'll get on with the countdown now then, shall we?

5|Sweater Weather;
Personally? I prefer to wear a jacket, at all times. Yep, even the height of Summer. I can't sleep without a duvet either. Can you imagine how overheated I get? Watch out for the steam escaping from my ears! Now the weather is colder I can pile on as many layers as I like until i'm a snug little bundle of soft fabrics. I'm all about the fluffy jumpers this festive season.

4|Pretty Lights;
Everything is lit up for Christmas. Which is handy when it gets dark at 4pm... But Christmas lights, whether out in the city streets or in the windows of local houses, passing by some festive lighting just makes me feel happier. It also reminded me that my brother pinched a set of my fairy lights last year and i've yet to see them again... I loved these lights on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

3|Buying Gifts;
I was pretty much all done with my Christmas shopping by the last week of October this year! I knew I had to be prepared as I wanted to have as much left from Novembers payday for my trip to Paris. I have a habit of buying a whole host of smaller goodies instead of one good size gift. Last year I packaged them up in stockings. I absolutely love buying all my Christmas presents... But wrapping them? Oh hell no. That is an entirely different story. I do not like to wrap. That is the worst thing about this time of year. Sellotape is my arch-nemesis.

2|Decorating the Tree;
My first year at Uni, I came home late in the month and the tree was already up and twinkling away. I really felt like I missed out. I missed putting up the tree for the first time in my life and it sucked. Last year I had a tree in my room as well, but it didn't look great last year by any stretch of the imagination. I decided not to overdo my tree this year, (as oppossed to caking it in every decoration I won like last year) and added some vintage kitchy decorations that used to belong to my Grandma. Check this baby out;

I love miserable weather. It's dismal and dreary out? Good! I do not get along well with the heat.
I haven't seen any flurries yet, but I have high hopes we will get some snow days this year. There was talk of it but we've yet to see any here. :(

So what do you love most about the festive season? Are you enjoying the chilly weather or are you counting down the days until the sun returns? What goodies did Santa leave beneath your tree? Oooh so many questions!

Once again, Merry Christmas all! Have a great day. <3

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