Friday, 26 December 2014

My Little Christmas Box

Coming home from Paris, I found THREE subscription boxes waiting for me to unwrap and get my paws on all the goodies inside. It was like Santa stopped by early. I must have been a very good girl this year after all! Well what better day to share what was inside these boxes of goodies, than boxing day? So today i'll be bringing you not one, but three unboxing posts! First up, My Little Box!

This months theme is the ever so appropriate Christmas box, created with beauty blogger Fleur De Force. From the look of the box, we should be expecting pink, silver and gold. I actually love the little design on the front of this box, even if it isn't quite as festive as I was expecting.

My Little Box have nailed it again with their seriously cute quote pictures and lovely content inside the My Little World magazine. I always like to see bloggers collaborating with companies like Fleur De Force and My Little Box have here. It's nice to see other bloggers succeeding, isn't it?

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this little pillow package with the words 'Present for You' on it. Yay! A present, I thought... Inside the cute little package was this black and gold glittery headband. It's really quite soft and comfy, and even though this isn't the kind of thing i'd wear out of the house, it'll definitely come in handy for keeping my hair out of my face when putting my make up on!

The other items in the box are for making sure you give the best dressed gifts around! If I hadn't already wrapped my gifts, i'd definitely have used these. They're now going straight into my Christmas box for use next year. A few of the tags would easily be suitable for Birthday presents, so I may even use them up before next Christmas rocks up!
My Little Beauty Red Lipstick (19€)
Yaaaay! I've been hoping for a My Little Beauty lipstick because they look so charming. This has shot right to the top of the list for 'Cutest Lipstick I Own', even if the colour looks a little intimidating in the bullet. I really like this colour on skin, and it was very gentle to apply, and wasn't drying in the slightest.

Cowshed Invigorating Body Lotion (£18 / 100ml)
Wow, Cowshed is pricey huh? £18 for a 100ml bottle? My Little Box have sent out the full size bottles too! Wild Cow has a really interesting smell, and I can't actually tell if I want to use this now or stash it away in my travel supplies drawer.

L'Occitane Creme Precieuse Immortelle (£45 / 50ml)
L'Occitane always seems so fancy to me, and this little jar of 'precious cream' is no exception, and it's going to look rather cute on the dressing table. It's a 15ml jar, and to me, really looks like it's going to last quite a while!

Overall? I think this is a very sweet box. I always love the prints, and I have been enjoying reading the little magazines. They always have lovely pictures in, and a good mix of lifestyle, beauty and recipes! If you're not a My Little Box subscriber, there's still time to get this months box here!

So that's one of today's unboxing posts done... Who is ready for another one? Stay tuned!

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  1. This box looks beautiful, great content too, I've actually never heard of this one, so thank you for sharing!

    L x

    1. I think this is my favourite of the beauty boxes, the little prints inside are just perfect!
      Ray xo <3