Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Celebrity Big Brother : 2015

I have a confession. I've never watched Big Brother, celebrity or otherwise.

The concept just didn't appeal to me at all, manufacturing an environment where individuals with strong and conflicting personalities were left in stressful conditions until all hell let loose? Or better yet the 'celebrity' edition... Where most of the time I didn't know who half the housemates were. 

From a psychological perspective, perhaps it is a very interesting idea to see how people react when pushed out of their comfort zone. However, when participants are chosen with the sole intention to drive each other up the wall to make better TV, for me personally that makes it much less interesting.

However, when I saw who they had chucked in the house for this series... I decided i'd have a watch!

This season saw the first housemate ever to be ejected from the house... Followed swiftly by a second. Looks like I chose a great season to tune in to first, hey? It's feels like its been one big drama after another. Is it always like this, or is this season particularly explosive? I get the feeling producers didn't quite expect these results when they tossed this bunch of in the house.

I love the 'Twisted Fairytale' theme and the decor is stunning. With ornate furniture, fancy mirrors and fairytale themed decals. I'm particularly loving the diary room, this sort of dark Little Red Riding Hood-esque forest. Moving portraits of all the housemates add a little bit of magic and 'Mirror Mirror, on the wall'. The decorations inspired by the darker side of fairy tales are my favourite, but i've always been a little more villain than princess when it comes to style. Oh, and of course I love any of the decorations with rabbits on.

I don't envy the fabulous Emma Willis standing outside for the live shows in this weather. It's been blimmin' freezing here so I can only imagine what it's like where ever the BB house is. (I think it's somewhere 'down south', isn't it?) Despite the cold, she always looks amazing. I've actually been making fashion notes while watching!

How long has Rylan been co-presenter of Big Brothers Bit on the Side? Because I think he is brilliant as a presenter. He's a lot of fun when interacting with the audience and celebrity guests alike, and he makes some cracking facial expressions. I heard rumours of Emma taking over The X Factor, and I think Rylan would do a great job as the main host if there is a bit of a change around.

Now many may disagree with me here, but I think the Queen of Mean, Katie Hopkins, has been doing wonderful things for her reputation. Or awful things, depending on whether or not she actually wants people to like her after all this. Yes, she has reverted to the 'rent-a-gob' folks expect of her on a few occasions, and we do only get to see a small portion of a days events, but the praise she is receiving from the majority of her housemates would suggest that she isn't such a straight up cow.

Now onto my favourite housemate... Michelle Visage! I'd love to see her win, and when the chance arises i'll be voting to crown her the winner! I always love someone who stands up for the rights of others and Michelle has shown how understanding and passionate she is in defending the rights of her 'brothers and sisters'. She's a strong, independent character in the house, one who has taken on an almost mother hen role, but in the classiest way possible.

What are your thoughts on Big Brother's Twisted Fairytale? Are you team Hilton or Hopkins?
And most importantly, who do you want to win!?

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