Tuesday, 27 January 2015

[Music] Fall Out Boy : American Beauty / American Psycho

In my mind, if you know all the words to every song on an album... You've listened to it enough to give a good and thorough opinion on it. Although when it comes to my favourite band, I just seem to absorb the words. So as of now i've taken a good week to be sure i'm ready to write this, and my conclusion is still the same.

The boys have absolutely slayed it. Everybody else can go home now, because 2015 has been won.

Immortals is definitely one of the main highlights. I'm just going to take a second to mention the incredibly high pitched noise I made in the Disney Store the other day when this came on. If my 13 year old self was around I think she'd have fainted. When two out of three of your first loves collide, it's a pretty big deal. (If you were wondering, the third is Anastasia.)

Every song has it's own sound, like it could be off a different album, and I love it. It's like they sat down to decide how to tackle this one and just went with a general theme of badassery. I'd say this is the most versatile album yet and really showcases how far they've come, a whole range of influences but at the same time the sound is still 'Fall Out Boy' through and through.

I've seen Fall Out Boy live three times now (check out the retro ticket stub!) I've come to know and expect certain things from a live performance. Things that I was really relieved to see hadn't changed last time despite their skyrocketing popularity. I would probably still come out a weak kneed, emotional wreck if the next show was just this album and nothing else. I'm definitely hoping to hear Immortals live, alongside Jet Pack Blues and Fourth of July.

Part of me wants to say it's their best album yet, but there is a part of me that is still a little too attached to songs I fell in love with from years gone by that won't let me. So quick, while it isn't listening...


There is no weak song, you know the one... Every album has at least one dud that just doesn't hit the mark or at the very least, make you squeal with delight as you hear it for the first time. At first I thought, choose a favourite? No way can I do that! (Have I mentioned before I'm awful at decision making?) But after a while I realised I really did have a favourite, and that song was Jet Pack Blues, with Immortals and Fourth of July (and the rest of the blimmin' disk) nipping closely at it's heels.

If you haven't picked up this, get your butts on iTunes, Amazon, or anywhere that sells CDS! I promise, you won't be disappointed.

I can not wait for October to roll around for the UK leg of the tour! Will I be seeing you there?

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