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[Let's Watch] Disney's Big Hero 6

Whoa! Today well and truly got away from me, didn't it? I had planned to post this up much earlier but I got proper stuck in to my spring cleaning, laundry sorting and even snuck in an impromptu trip to Ikea to buy a new set of drawers. I lead a glamourous life, clearly. So, what have I got for you today? A film review! So,

Let's Watch

I can't believe us Brits had to wait so long for Disney's latest offering, that seems to have been released everywhere else about three months ago. It feels like a whole forever has passed that i've been waiting, and as luck would have it, I won two tickets to see it the weekend before it's big release! If only i'd have actually seen that e-mail... And not had to wait another week to catch it in Cinemas! :(

Big Hero 6 is the first time Disney have used a Marvel material for story telling since they bought Marvel Studios in late 2009. Wanna avoid plot spoilers? Skip below the adorable balloon man. Big Hero 6 follows the story of Hiro, a teenage robotics prodigy, and a huggable robot. After a fire ravages a key location in San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to Baymax and his friends determined to uncover the truth. So of course, an epic Disney adventure ensues. A really cool high-tech one.


Big Hero 6 is the first Disney film to use the new 'Hyperion' rendering system. Technically, I have no idea what that it, or what it does... But the result is beautiful. Everything is crisper, sharper, and brighter. The characters and surroundings look absolutely phenomenal. The way the animators captured Baymax's expressions well and truly stole my heart. I was actually pretty sad when the animation style changed originally, as I still preferred that Disney Classic look, but I don't think Big Hero 6 would work as well in that style. The end credits do draw on comic book and the older animation style, and it is pretty cute and was nice to see for curiosity's sake. 


Now, let's take a second to discuss the ladies. Big Hero 6 gives us a flick littered with really strong female characters. Aunt Cass, is a business woman, owns her own bakery/cafe. Out of the main 'six' themselves, Honey Lemon is an incredibly intelligent and fashionable chemical engineering student  and the tomboyish and mysterious speed demon Gogo Tomago, is a student of engineering and design. Both of them are strong and brave members of the team and two of the quickest to react when faced with danger. I love the message it sends to young Disney fans that you can love fashion, the colour pink and at the same time be a very intelligent, strong and brave young woman. Or, you can be a tomboy with a thing for speed and be a very intelligent, strong and brave young woman. Plus GoGo has great thighs, and I may or may not be cosplaying her at Comic Con this summer... Fingers crossed.
Now, let's talk adversaries. What's better than a mysterious masked villain, seemingly hell bent on destruction and taking out anyone that gets in their way? Not a lot if you ask me. Not a lot, and this particular villain has a fantastically creepy thing going on. In my opinion, Big Hero 6 does get a little dark. I'm all for a little dark... but c'mon this is DISNEY! I did not expect some of these plot points from them at all. Any other movie company I think i'd have been prepared for it, expected it even... But it caught me off guard, the same way the opening of UP! did...

Ultimately, Big Hero 6 won me over. I was worried that it wasn't going to live up to my expectations. I absolutely love the east meets west scenery and design that is the city of San Fransokyo. The animation had me sold more or less as soon as I laid my eyes on it on the big screen. I love what they did with the character design. I don't think it could be further from the Marvel comic, but I think what Disney have created is perfect for kids movie. As I mentioned earlier, it does get a bit dark in places which was a bit of a surprise for me, but i'm not sure if children would interpret it the same way I did.

So, that's what I think! If all goes to plan, I'll get to see it again next week. I've read about a bunch of cameos that I didn't notice the first time around and i'm deteminded to spot them this time. Now if only I could find the big cuddly Baymax toy in the Disney Store, then life would really be swell.

Have you seen Big Hero 6 yet? What did you make of it?

Catch ya later!

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