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Valentines Gift Guides

Anyone still stuck with Valentines ideas?

I am the least romantic person I know, and generally spend Valentines Day alone. The last time I didn't, I hung out with my housemate at uni using spare mattresses as slides and decorating cookies.
Last year I anonymously sent some pretty funny but kind of inappropriate cards (that will teach me not to only read the cover!) to my guy friends but was sussed pretty quickly. Sad times, hey?

I've been having a think and i'm here with some last minute shopping inspo to get those ideas flowing for those of you who have been stumped until now, or have just left it a little late!

‣Charm bracelets are the saviours of last minute birthday, Christmas, and Valentines shopping. In my opinion, it's like you've been handed a get out of jail free card if you leave it to late for gift hunts. A nice charm and bobs your uncle! Pandora, Chamila, Trollbead, Thomas Sabo... So many different brands and almost every woman I know has a bracelet from one of them. How about a nice heart charm for Valentines? Like this Heart Clip from Pandora or this Red Heart from Thomas Sabo?

‣The beauty world has been going crazy for 'Kendall Jenner' lips, MAC Cosmetics Velvet Teddy is going to be a big hit. It's sold out online so you may have some searching to do. Cross your fingers and hope for a bit of luck finding it at your local MAC counter...

‣I think Sugar & Vice Jewellery is amazing, and the Impossible Heart necklace from the abstract collection would make a great Valentines present. I always find the shipping to be really fast so you may still have time to get it in the post by Valentines dates if you scoot on over and order one quickly!

‣Flamingo Candles are really cute and come in so many different variations. All would make a great gift, and there is even a sweet strawberry sherbert, glittery Valentines offering called 'Love Bug'.

‣ Personally, I love Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. They seem to have a figure for everything.
Pictured here are two that caught my eye that I hope to add to my collection, Big Hero 6's Honey Lemon and Frozen's Elsa in her coronation outfit. All the figures are seriously cute, but if Disney won't do the trick, maybe something like American Horror Story, Supernatural or Lord of The Rings will?

‣Topshop's make up range is nice bet. I love their matte polishes and Never Been Kissed is a lovely lilac shade, and I like the film of the same name.

For a good pamper, team it up with...

‣Lush's Unicorn Horn! A seriously pretty bath from Lush's valentines range. Added rose petals and candles and you're full steam ahead to perfect Valentines territory there! 

Pretty much all of the next suggestions would also fit under the 'for her' category.

‣There's an old saying that says 'the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach.' The fastest way to my heart is with pizza... So that is my first suggestion. Whether you make it, order in or go out to a restaurant, pizza is a great way to go and it's an easy dish to share... That's romantic right?

‣How about a box set? If they don't already have them The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad are popular. Pretty much everyone I know are obsessed with these shows. Guys and gals alike.

Plus, they go great with my next suggestion...

‣Another foodie gift, Tesco's Red Velvet and white chocolate cookies. They look the part, right? Plus, they are seriously yummy with like a pouch of melty white chocolate in the middle. A pack of five costs a grand total of £1... So buy every pack you can find! I usually only ever manage to find one or two at my local Tesco.:(

‣How about something that smells really nice? Especially if you plan on splashing out, Bleu de Chanel is lovely. Alternatively, Chanel's female scents or cosmetics make a great luxury gift.

‣A Cinema date! Who doesn't love the cinema experience? Huge popcorn boxes, slushy ice blasts and being able to kick back and watch a movie on a massive screen? Big Hero 6 is a great bet. Who doesn't love Disney, superheroes and giant huggable robots!? I've also heard that Kingsmen is great and it's definitely on my list of things to go and see.

More Funko! Aside from the awesome options I listed earlier, there's also Marvel, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead! So many options, you're bound to find something suitable. Pictured here are
Jack Skellington and the Winter Soldier.

So, those are my best ideas. Now to buy it all for myself! :p What do you think makes a great last minute Valentines gift?

If you fancy browsing more ideas, don't forget to check out my Disney Jewellery @ Tesco and Victoria's Secrets posts!

Ciao for now!

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