Saturday, 7 February 2015

Victoria's Secret

I love getting to know new brands, and one i've had the pleasure to get up close and personal with recently is the iconic Victoria's Secret. The first time I got to see some of their products was at the airport on the way to Paris and I feel in love with of their perfumes. Late last year, a pretty big VS store opened in the Bullring shopping center, Birmingham. That place is always worth a visit, hosting a bunch of my favourite shops under one roof. So once I had the chance to get over there for a visit, off I went!

I did find the sizing to be a little crazy. Some things in my size were way too small... Some were even a little too big. But upstairs in the PINK range, I found a perfect fit that's a size smaller than I usually wear, when others were nowhere near big enough. It's definitely worth getting a fitting and trying a bunch of different styles on.

So I ended up with the Leopard Lace push up bra, in a 'Seafoam'/mint colour. It's got quite a good chunk of padding in it, way more than i'd normally like, but blimmin'eck does it do the trick. The patterned band is a really nice touch, but it does make it a little snug at first. After a bit of wear it really does begin to mould to you though so don't be put off if it feels a little snug!

My experience of Victoria's Secret bras so far is that they are a very nice quality, lovely and soft, and comfy.

Also from the PINK range, I nabbed some of the 5 for £20 pants. Mainly because I wanted the mint green shorts with the band to match the bra i'd just chosen. But I picked out a bunch of different styles to try, including seamless. I usually find seamless to feel a bit scratchy, but these are very soft.

Again, the sizing is a little weird. The mediums come up very small, they fit my size 8-10 friend perfectly... But after a chat with one of the lovely assistants, I went ahead and got larges and they fit my big butt just fine.  Again, they are very soft, and very comfortable. Plus the range of styles and colours is huge, and the mix and match is fun. Check out these amusing pants I picked up, just in time for Valentines! ;)

I've been dying to nab some things from the fragrance section as they have many different scents that smell amazing, but I know i've got some for my birthday. So i've been told i'm not allowed! But I definitely think Victoria's Secret is worth a visit, even if it's just to smell the perfumes and body sprays!

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