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[Wishlist] Little Birthday Hints.

The build-up to birthdays are a strange time, aren't they? Either it's the day of someone else and you have to find the perfect present, or it is almost yours and you're not allowed to buy anything for yourself. Currently i'm stuck in that latter stage, especially as i'm usually pretty difficult to buy for. I have no self control when it comes to shopping. If I see it, and I want it... It's either on it's way to the till in my hands or being packed in a warehouse before you could say "are you going to buy that?"

With a little over two weeks until my birthday, my friends have started asking the dreaded question. "What do you want?" Usually this very question fills me with dread, and I have no idea whatsoever. But this year? Ohhhh this year i've got plenty of suggestions for the little devils. So today I thought i'd share these ideas with you, and then slyly send this link off to my friends for 'proof reading'....
Dear friends. Haha! Tricked you. Love, me x

The first thing on my wishlist is a Disney animator doll. I have wanted one of these for so, so long. Every time I'm in a Disney store I pick one up. But then a different one will catch my eye and I can't decide. The last time I was in store, my friend thought she'd have to pry them out of my hands and drag me out of there! I've narrowed it down to four that I can't decide between, so i've informed my friends and hopefully one of them can make the decision for me! They have the choice of Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel and Elsa, who in my opinion are by far the cutest. But Snow White is also cute... Oh dangit. Click here to browse Disney Animator Dolls.

⟡ I think Flamingo Candles look lovely and have had my eyes on them for quite a while now, especially the Parma Violets candle from the Candy Shop collection. Vanilla Milk Bottles from the same collection sounds equally as yummy. I love the idea of getting a bunch of scent melts, but i've yet to find the perfect burner. My quest continues...

Funko Pop! Vinyl - Lumiere.
Cogsworth is getting pretty lonely, and I'd love to collect the Beauty and the Beast trio. The provincial Belle is adorable too and if I plan on getting three out of the four... Well I might as well finish the set, right? Some of the Disney Pop! Vinyl are on offer at Zavvi at the minute and i'm so, so tempted to bolster my collection...

I'm a big fan of Paperchase. Generally you can walk in, grab the first thing you find and it's going to be something i'd like. The last time I was in store I spotted this really cool notebook featuring a Katherine Hepburn quote that says 'If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.' They have a few different notebooks in this style for £8 each, and they are all glorious.

If there are any kind millionaires out there with a bit of change burning a hole in their pocket, I made the terrible mistake of falling in love with these Vivienne Westwood Batwing sunglasses. I've been looking everywhere for just the right pair of winged style sunglasses. Just my luck I find the perfect pair, and they're going to set me back an entire week's wages!

I always love supporting 'small/independent business' and shopping for handmade items and try to do it as often as possible. One of the companies I love, and regularly buy from is Sugar & Vice. I never wear earrings and have been on the look out for some recently and absolutely love the 'Sugar Cube' earrings from their Afternoon Tea collection. Their newest collection was launched today and my wishlist grew quite a bit bigger...

A couple of my friends have asked what kind of charms i'm collecting for my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet that I got for Christmas. I already know my mum has got me a charm for my birthday and I can't wait to see what it is. The charms i'm collecting have a secret Disney theme and are so much fun to collect. I'm hoping to add some charms based on what we're going to be doing at Disneyland, as extra little mementos of the trip. The feather charm pictured would make a great memento for Dumbo, the Flying Elephants. Magical Feathers everywhere!  I think i'll do a post on my bracelet soon too! Click here to browse Thomas Sabo charms.

I don't know why I want it, but I love this Queen Chess Piece from John Lewis.

⟡ The last few weeks i've been watching all sorts of Disney hauls on Youtube, and in one I spotted the 'A Disney Sketchbook' book and fell in love instantly. It is gorgeous! I'm really hoping to find this in Paris, but I don't really remember seeing books in a lot of places so I might not find it. Not all hope is lost if I can't find it in the parks, as it's also on Amazon. Yay!

Hugs! The last few months have gone by so fast, and i've been putting in extra hours at work and learning to drive. I've not really seen a whole bunch of my friends all that much. I'd rather see them and spend time with them than anything else. Stick a bow on a bestie and that'll do just fine.

When I started this, I thought it was going to be a pretty short, sweet and simple list... But i've actually managed to cram plenty of ideas in here...  Is it your birthday soon too? What are you hoping to be treated to? Let me know in the comments, and Happy early Birthday!

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