Wednesday, 19 March 2014

[Review] Cheeky Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Mousse

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So for those of you who saw yesterdays blog post, I am most pleased to announce that I have been playing with some of my new products, and today I have a review for you! I'm going to give you a little run down on my thoughts of the Cheeky shower products I picked up from Superdrug this weekend. Cheeky brands their products with the words, brazen beauty; bold, saucy, naughty but nice. Each product has its own little icon on the front.

I was desperate for some new shampoo as the Tresemme colour protect shampoo I had been using just didn't agree with my hair at all, so I thought i'd try the 'Unleash Your Locks' Shampoo! The description on the product and the website says;
All hail the almighty shampoo that cleanses, conditions and strengthens healthy hair shine. With green tea extract it's your hair's own bodyguard, helping to provide daily environmental defence for happy hair. An everyday essential balancing shampoo.
First off, I think the packaging is really cute on these, and I like the partnership icons between the shampoo and conditioner. Although I would be lying if I said this was not the reason why I decided to try the products. I picked this up for £4.95 instead of the regular £7.50. The shampoo contains 200ml and is a nice lilac colour like the key on the package. Which is roughly the same colour as the product inside. It makes a really soft lather on the hair, and has quite a unique scent which i'm not sure I can quite describe properly, but i'll give it a go. It smells quite mature, like a classy and expensive soap. It's not quite what I expected to be honest, but it was quite nice.
            My hair felt nice and soft as I blow dried it, which was a good thing. However I then went to stand outside in the wind all day (long story) which mussed up my hair.  By the next day, unlike the Tresemme, my hair felt soft and still looked clean! Yippee! Top marks from me.

Following that is the 'Loving Your Locks' Conditioner for the same price as the shampoo. The description reads;
Get ready for some serious hair flicking because this conditioner’s secret ingredient Natural Betaine helps ramp up shine, condition and manageability – you’ll marvel at your mane all day. An everyday essential balancing conditioner. 
This was milkier in appearance than the shampoo and creamier, like you'd expect of a conditioner. It shared the scent and a little went quite a long way. Combined with the shampoo, I think it had the desired affect on my hair, and despite my rough way of towel drying, my hair was actually easier to brush! And afterwards, my hair was all light and bouncy. Yay!

Finishing off with the Bubble Trouble Shower Mousse for £4.65, with a regular price of £7.00. It also has 200ml of product inside.
Oh shower mousse, with your feather-light souffle of bubbles that melts into the skin! Infused with extracts of ginger to energise and invigorate, this dynamo makes waking up easy. Light-as-air lather to cleanse, soothe and protect. The light, moisturising lather leaves your skin soft, supple and delicately fragranced.
I see a pattern emerging with the scents, as this smelled similar to the other products. It was a really light and fluffy mousse and again I didn't need to use much product to feel nice and clean. Plus, the packaging has a cute little moose on it. Who can really resist a cute little lilac moose on a nice smelling product? Answer: Not me!

Now, i'm always weary when trying new products. No matter what it is, skincare, shampoo or make up, as I have sensitive skin and a really sensitive scalp. But these were an absolute dream! Very soft, very gentle and my favourite part? These products are made with all natural ingredients. So natural, it's even marked as vegetarian!

The Cheeky website is offering two deals at the moment. The first of which is a third off your order when you buy 3 or more products, and free delivery on all orders over £15 during the month of March! Check it out, I think you'll like them.

Don't forget to let me know if you go and buy anything! I'm nosey like that.

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