Friday, 10 April 2015

Mini Blippo Kawaii Haul

One of the cutest little parcels ever to slip through my letter box arrived today! It couldn't have been better timing as I had absolutely no idea what to post, but as soon as I got my paws on these they were definitely going to be featured on the blog today. So today i'm going to show you the few cute things I ordered from!

I could have easily gone a little crazy with all the really cute Japanese trinkets and sweets, but I somehow managed to show a great amount of restraint and just picked two things. It did help that two of the sweet items I wanted were sold out, so that narrowed down my choices. I had really wanted to try Milk pocky, and 'Purple Potato' pocky as they are popular Japanese flavours, yet unusual to us Brits. Maybe i'll get my paws on them some other time.

The first thing i'd chosen was this adorable desk calender. I've seen variants of this style calender before on places like modcloth, but far pricier. This set me back a teeny tiny £2.45! Each page is made from a good thick paper and has a different little face on it. All of which are really cute, aside from the sad faced one for next month. I always get the dud for my birth month! (Unless we're talking about the Once Upon A Time calender. Us May babies get Captain Hook! Swoon.) There is even a little cardboard stand attached to the back, so its going to look great stood on top of my new drawers! If I ever actually get around to clearing the space to put them, that is...

This adorable little sheep calender is still advertised on the website, but the link wasn't working when I tried it. Maybe it was just a blip(po), click here if you want to check it out for yourself.

I also wanted to try a different flavour of pocky to the usual white or milk chocolate Mikado ones that are easily found in the biscuit aisle. When my first two choices were sold out, I settled on these Glico Cookies and Cream ones, priced at £2.54. The packaging on these is really cute with the little panda on it, and the foil type wrap inside is even cuter with the little sparkles and pandas. I had a little trouble getting it open, but once I did I was hit with a lovely smell. It was part Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough, and part something else. Something else, which like a genius i've gone and forgotten, but it was a lovely smell either way. The taste however, was really subtle and sweet creamy cookie taste. After the lovely and rather strong smell, I was quite surprised really as I was expecting them to have quite a strong taste too. The biscuit was really nice and light and well.... Really easy to eat the entire pack in one go. Whoops!

The free delivery took roughly three weeks, as estimated on the site. There are other shipping options available too, if you want your goodies a little faster. Everything was packaged really well and neatly inside a the little box and there was even a free gift of a luminous pink Blippo silicone wristband.

Blippo have a great range of stationery, treats, plushes and accessories at really reasonable prices. They even offer mystery boxes and run a subscription service called The Kawaii Box. So if you need a Kawaii fix, Blippo and their subscription box are definitely worth checking out!

Do you have anywhere you like to get your kawaii fix from? Or any recommendations for good Japanese sweets? I'd love to hear about them!

See you next time! :)

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