Friday, 8 May 2015

[Review] The Library of Fragrance - Cherry Blossom

Spring was shaping up quite nicely there, then all of a sudden... Poof! It vanished! I was actually quite liking the weather perking up a little, but i've had to reach for my winter coat and umbrella again over the last few days! I've even gone and caught a cold, so pretty much all I want to do is live in my duvet right now. It's all sniffles, splutters and Beechams powders, yuck! But before I lost my ability to smell things and the rain returned, a lovely addition to my perfume shelf arrived that really had me feeling ready for Spring time!

The Library of Fragrance describe their Cherry Blossom fragrance as a 'soft, sheer floral with a hint of cherry'. I definitely agree on the soft and sheer part, as it is a very light and subtle scent, while at the same time fresh with a dainty fruit twist. I love perfumes that have a mood all of their own, and take you back to a place or memory. This lovely Cherry Blossom fragrance smelled just how i'd imagine Spring in a Tokyo park, beneath the freshly blooming cherry blossom trees would smell.

Although Cherry Blossom trees only bloom for a few days a year in early April, with this little bottle we can all appreciate the scent all year round. Each bottle contains 30ml, which should last a good while and is also a perfect size for travel! The bottles are simple of design and functional shape, yet good quality and pretty darn sturdy. My poor Cherry Blossom was knocked off the mantlepiece and bounced off of the hearth completely undamaged. I'm not sure I can say the same for the hearth though... I haven't checked it yet just in case... So if you did want to take these on your travels with you, I think they would be more than safe in your luggage.

Another great thing about The Library of Fragrance scents is mixing different ones together to create another unique perfume. As a softer, sheerer fragrance, Cherry Blossom is great for layering over the top of some of their other scents. The Library of Fragrance recommend trying Cherry Blossom with Daisy or Fresh Laundry, but I like layering it with Thunderstorm. As quite a strong scent, combining it with Cherry Blossom makes it a little softer. Plus, it's pretty fun to tell people you smell like Cherry Blossoms and Thunderstorms... Am I right?

Another combination I like is Mango and Rain, as it has it has that lovely juicy fruit scent mixed with the sweet fresh rain and I like to think of it as a fruity tropical storm. If you'd like to learn more about layering scents, head to The Library of Fragrance website to get started!

Now if only this cold would bugger off... I'd be able to smell and experiment again! In the mean time, I better go and protect this from mum who has been trying to steal it since it arrived! If you want to get your paws on a Cherry Blossom, you can snap one up at Boots or from The Library of Fragrance themselves! :)

See you next time!

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Disclaimer : Cherry Blossom was gifted to me by The Library of Fragrance, all views are all my own.

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