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[Unboxing] Pop In A Box - May

I'm back with another Pop! Vinyl unboxing post from the super cool Pop In A Box! If you've not seen one of my unboxing posts like this before, Pop! In a Box is a subscription service that sends you between one and six mystery pops per month, and they guarantee you'll never get a Pop! you don't want or already have. So for indecisive folk like me, you can get a little collection going without ever having to chose which figures to buy. YAY!


Not only are subscriptions available, but you can buy extras too, and Funko seem to be releasing new Pops! every few weeks that can be reserved and shipped to you when in stock. I'd pre-ordered a couple that I knew were on their way to me this month, so not only was this months delivery a bit bigger than normal, boy was it a goodie!

The pops I had on pre-order were both from the Frozen series. I'm pretty much just obsessed by Elsa's coronation outfit and although there are two pops in that outfit to choose from, I chose the one where she is holding the orb and scepter, as it isn't just about the outfit... It is also the moment Elsa becomes Queen of Arendelle. (And correct me if i'm wrong, but I think it's the first time a Princess becomes a Queen in a Disney movie...)

At some point, I seem to have become a little bit of a Frozen collector, mainly Elsa and Olaf bits and bobs, so these are both awesome additions to my ever-growing collection. I really want to get my mitts on 'Young Elsa' now and then my little set of Snow Queen's will really be complete!

The second pre-order I had was 'Upside Down - Olaf'. For some reason, I expected Olaf to be a bit bigger. He's a tad on the teeny size, but still very cute. I thought this was the cutest Olaf in the range, and with his head upside down, he's quite amusing to look at. I can just hear him asking 'Why are you hanging of the earth like a bat!?'... I feel like watching Frozen again all of a sudden... It has been a while since I have seen it, so I suppose you could say i'd be watching it again 'For the first time in forever...' I know... That was awful.

Well after opening my pre-ordered pops I was pretty excited to see what my May Pop! would be. Would it be another Frozen pop perhaps? Part of me hoped it would be, but then the other half wasn't really fussed as I know i'd be happy with any of the Pops! I'd given a 'thumbs up' to on the website. SO! May's mystery Pop! was ...

Simba! But not just any old Simba... A super cute and fuzzy 'Flocked' edition. Am I happy with this Pop!? Ohhhh yeah! The Lion King is waaaay up there at the top of my list of favourite Disney films, so Simba was one I really wanted, and I had been secretly hoping for the flocked version. I was surprised actually how soft the fuzzyness was. For some reason i'd been expecting it to be a bit rough and scratchy.

Workin' on my roar... ROOAAAAR!

Look at these flocked and fuzzy feets!

So that's me a happy little lion this month... How about you? Are you a fellow subscriber or collector? What new Pops did you get this month?

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See you next time! :)

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