Monday, 29 June 2015

[Foodie] Nando's.

Hello again!

To say i've kind of neglected my blog recently would be a incy wincy bit
of an understatement. Between working lots of extra shifts, and special events, I don't have the foggiest where the time has gone!?... I had lots of plans for June, so if you find it, let me know! But I have a little break (phew!) and thought i'd ease back in with a foodie post.   

A 'cheeky' Nando's has long been a favourite of, well everyone right? Famous for their spicy chicken feasts. Now, as someone whose mouth catches fire at the mere sight of a spice jar... and a vegetarian, i'm sure you can forgive me for thinking it wouldn't be my kind of place.

I was surprised to see some great veggie choices on the menu, and over various visits i've tried them all. But by far my favourite combo, is the plain Mushroom and Halloumi pitta, with Piri-Piri salted chips. I think I swooned a little just typing that to be honest. This particular visit we were feeling pretty hungry, so decided we'd order sides we could share as well, so one ordered with spicy rice and the other with garlic breads and halved the potions. Resulting in a pretty glorious feast.

A Mushroom and Halloumi wrap will set you back £6.45, or add two sides (great for sharing) for an extra £3. By far my favourite thing about Nandos, is the Piri-Piri salted chips, so I 500% recommend adding those to your meal. Yum! My last visit I ordered Perinaise too, which was a pretty big pot for only 50p. I suppose it is just a mix of mayonnaise and Piri-Piri salt, and it is a great combo. You could probably make your own at home with a bit of mayo and the salt. (This also works great with a bit of curry powder.)

So, if like me... You think Nando's probably won't have something to suit you, they may just surprise you! Check out their online menu, which includes a handy filter for five different dietary requirements. They have new dishes on offer too, and I'm definitely looking forward to popping back to try some of them. Sweet potato wedges anyone?

Catch you next time!

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