Friday, 10 July 2015

[Foodie] Ham Holy Burger.

Hello everyone! 

I'm back again with another foodie post!

I was wandering up and down Oxford Street a few weeks ago doing a little shopping, when tummies began grumbling a little. As we were already in John Lewis, we thought we'd check out their restaurants on the third floor before making a decision where to go. On offer was italian food at Rossopomodoro or burgers and fries at Ham. Now, you know me, I'm not one to turn down the chance to try a new veggie burger, and i'd never seen a Ham restaurant before so we decided to give it a try.

Something I have never, ever seen in a restaurant... Was waiters handing out iPads for customers to play with while they wait. I can see this coming in very handy if it's really busy and the wait times get a little longer... But the wait for the food didn't feel all that long to us at all. Or maybe it was and they had just successfully distracted us with Candy Crush. I think the whole building has free wi-fi too, so you can use the iPad for a little browsing while you wait.

The cute thing about ham is that it has a pretty small and concise menu. (Which you can see online, here.) As a veggie, my choice was pretty easy. The Garden Burger! This one had aubergine, courgette portobello mushroom, tomatoes, cheese, basil and lettuce.  It was under the 'special gourmet' section of the menu, and was actually one of the lower priced options at £10.

Everything in this burger tasted really fresh, and was bursting with flavours. The batch (bap/bread roll/balm cake/whatever you call it!) was awesome too as it was very light and soft. Pretty much anything with mushrooms in is a winner for me, but the addition of basil was different and awesome! I give Remy fresh basil at home and the smell is a-maaaaaaaa-zing. I may have to start pinching a bit and popping it in my burgers. ;)

With burgers, we each had a portion of 'French Fries' for £4, and shared the two little tips that came with them. The fries were great, light and fluffy on the inside, a little crunchy on the outside. Whacking on a teensy little bit of salt was enough to make it just perfect.

Adding on a diet coke for £2.80, that brings it to a grand total of £16.80. Personally I don't think it was too bad price wise. The portion of fries was generous, the burger was great and we were in John Lewis on Oxford Street! I think you expect to pay a little more in London locations like that anyway. A lady next to us ordered a salad, and it was pretty impressive. By that, I mean it was huge!

If you have non-veggie friends like I do, don't worry! My friend assures me that her meal was also really fresh and tasty. She said her burger was cooked a little pink for her liking, but she still enjoyed it. So if you like your meat cooked a certain way, be sure to ask for it and i'm fairly certain you'll get it.

So, the down side? There is currently just the one branch in the UK! Which is a big sad face as I did really enjoy my meal and the whole set up. Next time i'm in London, i'm probably going to be planning to pop here for my lunch. I certainly think you should consider it to!

Oxford Circus is the nearest tube station, head towards John Lewis and up to the third floor. You can't miss it! You can check out their website here for more information.

See you soon!

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