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The Making of Harry Potter Mini Haul.

Hi everyone! Today i'm going to show you the bits and bobs I bought at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter. I posted about the tour yesterday, if you haven't seen it already you can read that here. Having just come back from Disneyland two days before my visit, I was pretty well behaved with my money. There was so much great stuff on offer, and there are a couple of things I really regret not picking up at the time. If anyone else is thinking of going and you want to bring me back a cauldron mug and a keyring, feel free!

When it comes to wizarding confectionery, I'd say the Chocolate Frog, is the most iconic. While not magical, you can pick up your very own from the gift shop for £7.95. It's a whopping 150g piece of chocolate in a pretty replica box, complete with a 3D famous wizard card. My friend and I both got Salazar Slytherin cards. The chocolate frog itself was pretty solid. I had to give it to my dad to break up, as I could not split it into smaller chunks at all. I have a pretty big gob, and I think even I would have had a hard time getting my teeth into it. Plus, there's something a little strange about trying to bite into one of these...

If amphibian choc isn't really your thing, but you still want a fix sweet fix, how about a Chocolate Wand (£3.95). They come in milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. Of course, being a white chocolate fiend, the choice was easy for me. Unlike the chocolate frog, the chocolate wand was really easy to bite through, and seemed a lot softer. These would make pretty nifty little gifts for Harry Potter fans. (Much easier to wrap than chocolate frogs too!) But if i'm being seriously honest... I kind of wished i'd gone for the Honeydukes chocolate bar instead...

I was really intrigued by the 'Exploding Bon Bons' (£7.95). Pretty much everything with white chocolate and popping candy is a good idea isn't it? These were meant to have an orange and pineapple flavour truffle centre, but to be honest, it just seemed like a hollow chocolate filled with popping candy. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for that! But... What is this truffle the website mentions? Or should I say... where is it? Despite that, I did enjoy these, but I wish they were bigger, and came in an unlimited supply. I think there was about 10 all together? Definitely need some more, but maybe if they were the giant variety that you spot throughout the tour. Yes please!

I picked up a Postcard (£0.95) for my scrapbook, I went for the really plain design, with the logo but there were some with different scenery on too. We also got a couple of freebies! As we went for my birthday, I heard they had badges so my mum went to the information desk to ask about them. They gave us a birthday badge and a tour 'Passport'.  About half way through the tour, there were some staff members giving out badges with the Hogwarts Express on them.

The Passport contains little activities and spots to collect stamps in different areas. (You need to press down really hard with these to get a good impression. My attempt was lame, so my dad took over.) This is a great little addition to keep small children occupied while you look at things, or parents... Or other family members. I wasn't 100% sure where my dad was most of the time as he'd wandered off with the passport to fill in the tasks.

Butterbeer is available at the backlot cafe too! It comes at three different price points, the lowest being £2.95, and going up if you want to add a souvenir cup, or the highest being a cute little tankard. I decided on just the souvenir cup, but I can't quite remember my reasoning anymore... Either way it was a good decision as I realllly, didn't like it. I really wanted to as well! Maybe it was just a bad batch. I wouldn't buy it again just in case, but i'd have a sip of yours just be be sure. ;)

Mum also bought some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (£8.95) that we tried on the train home. These went down a treat! Well some of them did... Some of them, not so much. Earwax, anyone? How about vomit? No? Maybe grass would better suit your tastes...

There are a few places for food and drink on site. In the Lobby, before or after your tour you can visit the gift shop and stock up on sweets, or pop into Starbucks or the Studio Cafe. The Backlot Cafe about half way through the tour, which is also where you can find the Butterbeer bar. Maybe i'm a little cynical when it comes to eating out, but generally I don't expect a lot for the vegetarian options. Places usually offer the same type of thing, cheese sandwiches, and veggie burgers galore. Both are great, but it's always nice to try something new, isn't it?

I can't remember exactly what all the veggie options were, but I remember that I was pleasantly surprised with the choices on offer in the Studio Cafe. Sure there weren't many options, but on the days I went they were interesting. I think there was a bean burger, and another option for hot food, and a few different cold sandwiches and snacks. I had a roasted vegetable and hummus roll and some dipping veggies with a coke zero. It wasn't the cheapest, as could be expected at this type of attraction. I seem to recall it being around the £10 region for everything.

So remember, if you are visiting the Warner Brothers Studio Tour anytime soon, make sure to give your purse a pep talk, because you will want to buy everything! Oh, and grab me a cauldron mug. ;)

See you next time! :)

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