Monday, 26 October 2015

System Reset || My Apple Customer Service Experience.

Oh! Hello there. Hmm? Where have I been? Well, my beloved laptop has been on the fritz for a few months now, and it became difficult to write posts while it wasn't performing how it should. I had hoped that all the performance issues would go away with a new battery, so I booked an appointment at my local Apple Store Genius Bar.

Now they must have been busy bees lately, as every time I checked for at least a few months, I could never find an appointment! I suppose it must have been a busy time of year for them, with the Back to School/Uni crowd getting their tech in order for the new term.

I had called Customer Care before to get a quote for how much it would cost and how long it would take. The answer was a lot, and it could be a while. Eek! So when I finally got my appointment booked, I backed up my files and prepped to be without my right hand m'book for a few days.

My nearest Apple store is actually Birmingham, but it's always ridiculously busy there, and recently a new bus service has been added from my local area to Solihull Touchwood. It's a quieter store and i've visited them before when my charger broke. The service on that occasion was fab, they had a look at the broken charger, and grabbed me a new one, so I was happy enough to go back. I got a morning appointment, so we planned to head there first, then do a little shopping and be back in plenty of time for my shift at work that evening.

So when we got there (a little early),  I checked in and waited for my appointment slot. So when it was my turn, I explained what was up, and the Genius ran some diagnostic tests which seemed to confirm our suspicions. My battery was as dead as a doornail. I also got a few pointers keeping my desktop tidy. (I'm awful for dumping everything on my desktop, but I swear i'll behave from now on!) That was it, booked in for a new battery and should be back with me before the weekend was out.

Well there was only one thing for that... Off for a Wagamama lunch. We went more or less straight there, and by the time we'd been seated and handed our menus, I had a missed call from Apple. This was no more than 10 minutes after leaving the store... But unfortunately, it wasn't good news. My new battery was in no problems, but it looked like my very old operating was pooped. As i'd already backed up my files, I had no problems with them loading a new one on.

But that didn't fix it either, and I got another call that my hard drive wouldn't mount the new operating system. (Or... something... like that. I dunno.) I'm kind of not surprised. My hard drive contained, every single file, from years worth of tech. Poor thing. So a new battery, a new operating system and a new hard drive later, at a grand total of less than I was expecting to pay for the battery alone, everything is as good as new! Well, about half of it is brand new! ;)

The technician taking care of my laptop got more than he bargained for when he decided he'd squeeze in my battery change, but he saw it through then and there so I could have my laptop back that day. Throughout the entire thing, the Apple customer service was fantastic, everyone was friendly and helpful. The only downside being, I still had to go to work afterwards!

See you next time! I have some more awesome things to tell you. Stay tuned! <3

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