Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fall Out Boy || October 6th VIP.

I love going to gigs, and concerts. There's something really magical about being able to feel the music vibrating your sternum and the rasp left in your voice for days after singing along at the top of your lungs. It's no secret, my favourite band is Fall Out Boy, and there's nothing better than listening to them live.

So of course, I was online and checked out with tickets within minutes of the release for this tour. But it got better... VIP packages were released for the UK dates too. Luckily, my brother was on hand to snag them for me while I was at work. Well, lucky for him, he'd have been in a world of trouble if he missed out. ;)

But, that's when the fear set in. There's an old saying that goes 'never meet your heroes.' We'd probably get two seconds with them, I was going to hate my photo and be an awkward mess or not be able to get my words out, and they wouldn't like me.

I don't feel particularly lucky. I'm not the person who generally gets to bump into celebrities out and about. So can you imagine the shock I got when Pete Wentz casually wanders past me in a restaurant i've been to several times before? I don't think i've ever been so surprised in my life. My friend thought I was going to pass out from the shock, I was shaking pretty hard, not gonna lie. I surprised myself with how composed I was when I actually met them all the next day. I think if I hadn't have seen Pete the day before and got over the initial shock, I wouldn't have gotten through it!

I am pretty socially awkward at the best of times. I totally froze when I first saw them. But then my brain kicked in. Hugs all round! (Except poor Joe, recovering from back surgery. I think I curtseyed while I shook his hand. Awkward Ray, is awkward.) There was no way I could really convey to them exactly what Fall Out Boy has meant to me. Instead I took a ticket stub from 9 years ago, (I'd not long turned 14) the very first time I saw them perform live to show them. I wasn't too far from the front back then, which was awesome!

So I got to have a little chat with Joe and Patrick, while my friend was getting her hugs from Pete and Andy. Patrick thanked me for coming back to shows, and after telling him i'd always go back... I got another big hug! How am I still standing at this point? I do not know... By the way, Patrick gives great hugs! A big old squeeze like an old friend he's pleased to see.

So maybe I was a little awkward, and sure I hate the picture of me, but I hate all pictures of me. Everyone else looks great, darn them, and I look like i'm clinging to Patrick for dear life... But I met my heroes and you know what? It was more than I expected it to be. They were really chilled out and had a really nice energy, if that makes any sense.

Being VIP also meant that we got let onto the floor as the doors open, which meant we could either run to the front or take our pick of spots by the acoustic stage. As much fun as it would have been to get up at the front, my friend is a fragile flower who would never survive that. So we picked a nice spot at the barrier for the small stage. We had a great view of the main stage, and we're behind Pete, Patrick and Joe as they performed Immortals and Young Volcanoes.

We definitely plan on getting VIP tickets next time they tour the UK. I'm fairly certain they won't remember me, but I have every intention of doing what I didn't do this time. Give Joe a big hug and chat Andy's ear off about anything I possibly can!

See you next time! :)

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