Wednesday, 5 March 2014

[TAG] The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty

Hey everyone! I'm working hard on swatches, reviews and other blog posts! I have lots planned and I have finally found my camera! Woohoo! So to get regular blogging again, I thought i'd give this tag a go that I found over on Tansy Pansy's blog! If you fancy it, have a go and leave a link in the comments. I TAG you all! :)
GREED - What's the most expensive thing in your makeup bag? 
The most expensive thing in my make up bag is likely my Lime Crime Alchemy palette. Although I didn't pay for it, yay! It was part of my 21st birthday present from my friends. The shadows are so soft and just glide on. They're absolutely beautiful and last without primer.
WRATH - What item do you have a strong love/hate relationship with?
Lipstick. I love lipstick, and it's probably my favourite thing because I have so many colours. However, I always manage to mess up around my lip ring, and smudge it.
GLUTTONY - What brand takes up most of your collection?
Illamasqua. Mainly nail polishes and lipsticks, but my eyeshadows, liquid metal and perfume collection is growing rather nicely.
SLOTH - Which product do you ignore most due to laziness?
Make up remover. I usually forget to take my make up off without fail. I know it's terrible, and I really should start taking it off when I get into my pj's, but there are still snapchats to send around that time... Then it gets to about 4am and before I know it i've gone and dozed off with it still on.
And wake up with it all over my face the next day.
PRIDE - Which product gives you the most confidence?
Eyeliner. I never leave the house without it on the top and bottom lash line. I usually bodge a winged liner without fail for day to day so I just try and keep it pretty simple.
LUST - What product is at the top of your list?
The other three Lime Crime palettes. The Alchemy palette and is probably the most beautiful set of shadows I own, so I most certainly want the other three.
ENVY - Which makeup product/ look looks great on others but not on you?
Bronzer. I don't suit even a vaguely tanned or glowy look what so ever. I'm too pale and pinkish for any sort of golden tone to suit me even in the slightest. The beach babe and golden glow look is so beautiful on so many women. I'm just not one of them.

So there we have it! What are your sins? Drop me a link in the comments if you decide to give it a go. I'd love to have a read of your blog. 


  1. Yay! Thank you for tagging me, I loved reading your post and I definitely have to agree with eyeliner in the pride section actually! xx

    1. Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed discovering your blog and look forward to reading more in the future! :)
      Ray xo

  2. Loved this post! It's good to find someone else how doesn't get along with bronzer!
    That was my answer to the envy question too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I was beginning to think I was the only one, glad i'm not alone anymore. :)

      Ray xo

      Ps I just followed your blog! Look forward to reading your posts! :)

  3. What a lovely tag, I love short ones which are really fun! I'm just starting my illamasqua collection, so far I'm loving it!

    1. I'll have to take a photo of my Illamasqua collection soon. It's getting rather large. The girls at my local counter recognise me now. I think I go there too often to oogle.

      <3 xo