Monday, 24 March 2014

The Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Sarah over at Colours Of Autumn. I was really excited when I saw this, as I felt it was a lovely gesture by someone with a lovely blog to nominate me. I'm also eager to check out the other nominees, as i'm a little bit of a blog collector.

I'm also horrendously ill, so this is the perfect post to perk me up today.

The Rules are as follows;

1. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
2. Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with under 200 followers
3. Create a new list of 11 questions to ask those you have nominated
4. Inform your nominees of the award!

1) If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Probably Batman.

2) If you could only use one product forever, what would it be?
Eyeliner. I look forever tired without it. I need it to at the very least, look awake and well.

3) What's your worst habit?
I just asked one of my closest friends for help answering this one. Apparently my worst habit is that i'm far too honest and I have a short attention span. She's cheating, I asked for one! But I suppose both are valid. I have a bad habit of not mincing my words, not paying attention and then I stopped her because I felt like she had a big list she was about to share...

4) What's your go to comfort food?
Pizza. You can't beat Pizza Hut's Veggie Supreme. Speaking of which, i've just remembered that I have some left over vanilla ice cream from the last time I bought the cookie dough desert.

5) If you had £1000 to spend in one shop, where would you spend it and why?
Oh lord, i've no idea. Probably Tesco? Can I shop at direct, clothing and grocery online separately? If not I can get my butt to a Extra store. Buy their entire stock of Katje's Better Bunnies and a Nerf Rebelle bow and arrow set. Pokemon cards, dvds. Maybe even an Xbox with Minecraft... More food, and some clothes. Or i'll have a spree in Debenhams. Urban Decay, Illamasqua and all the perfumes!

6) Pepsi or Coke?

7) What made you start your blog?
I really want to go into writing, and any entry-level positions i'd found asked for some experience in writing, such as running a blog. So I felt like giving i a shot at running my own blog for practice and to see if I had what it takes.

8) What's at the top of your make-up wishlist? 
Palettes. Lime Crime and Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry. (I have a birthday soon. hinthintfriendlings!)

9) If you could have an all expenses paid holiday, where would you go?
A road trip of America! Spending the most notable amount of time in New York, but also getting to dabble in Vegas, California, Chicago, Boston and Ohio. I'll bring you back some goodies, promise! :)

10) Favourite colour of lipstick? 
I can't quite put my finger on why, but i'm totally enamoured with blue lipsticks. I already have two and there is at least one more I want to buy.

11) What's your favourite TV series at the moment?
Criminal Minds. I'm just catching up with the new series, and i'm gotta say the camera person is my new fave person in existance, as i'm noticing a lot of the lovely MGG's lovely butt in like, every episode. Butts are good. Plus, Penelope Garcia/Kirsten Vangsness is one of my style icons.

So then... Bloggers! I chose, YOU!
(If you didn't read that in Ash Ketchum's voice, i'm a little sad :p)

Cass Taste Like Purple
Katy kathrynhumphrey
Victoria victoriaearls
Ruby Line by Line
Sarah Morrall of the Story
Grace Lost in the Untold
Faith Music And Eyeliner (When I checked bloglovin' it said 200 on the dot!)

I know i'm missing four, but it was very difficult to find bloggers who hadn't been nominated recently, with less than 200 followers. So if you fit the bill and want in, let me know!

Here are the 11 dastardly questions you will face. :)
[1] What did you have for breakfast today?
[2] What is the earliest memory you have from childhood?
[3] Your favourite pair of shoes are...?
[4] What is the best pun you've ever spotted?
[5] Who was the last person you texted?
[6] Grab two random socks from your sock drawer. What do they look like?
[7] You're in terrible danger. Which Disney Prince do you want to come to your rescue?
[8] You're invited to a Superhero themed costume party. Who do you dress up as?
[9] How many pillows do you sleep with?
[10] You get the chance to make a new national holiday. What holiday do you create and when?
[11] Horoscopes. Total codswallop or something to it?

I tried to make them interesting for you all. :)
Answers on the back of a postcard! ;)

Let me know if you post your answers! Can't wait to see them.


  1. Awh i'm so pleased you replied! I loved this post and your answers :)
    You're £1000 holiday answer was spot on the same as mine haha!

    Sarah xx

    1. Amerricaaaaaa! I've been watching too much Man Vs Food and Gordon Ramsey because I chose locations based on food I want to eat. Whooops!


  2. Thanks for nominating me! I've been asked to do this tag three times now and I still haven't got round to it! I promise I'll do it before the month's out ;) x

  3. Hey, i have posted my answers to your questions and would love for you to read them!

    Sarah x |