Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What's On in ToySaturn land!


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House M.D.
I started House by watching just one episode from Season 8, with Patrick Stump in. Because Patrick Stump. Then while channel flicking, I spotted it on Sky and felt like giving it a bit of a watch. Well that was my first mistake. Carrying on was my second as i'm pretty sure this show destroyed my soul.

I started around season 6, so caught two and a half seasons before they began from the beginning and instead of watching the show when everyone was in bed, i'm now watching from the start with my parents. We're enjoying it so far indeed. But I know what is to come so I suppose I should stock up on the Ben and Jerry's so i've something nice to sob into when it ends again.

P.S I have a huge crush on Dr. Wilson.


Stephen King : Doctor Sleep
I just picked this up on the way out of work as a payday treat and I haven't had a chance to sit down and begin reading just yet. It was £9 in Tesco, and for the weight and size of the book i'd expect to be paying more. The cover feels really luxurious too which is a strange thing to say I guess but it's just so pretty! I'm hoping to pick up more Stephen King novels in hardback and have a little collection going on. I do not read enough, so this must change!


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Patrick Stump : Soul Punk // Fall Out Boy : Save Rock And Roll
These haven't been off my iTunes since they arrived. I don't need any other music, not when Patrick Stumps glorious voice is about to soothe my eardrums. I need to import my other Fall Out Boy albums when decorating is complete and they come out of storage (with everything else I own...) So I can start getting pumped for their UK Tour in March! I had an e-mail recently to let me know when my tickets would arrive. The excitement was refreshed again! I can't wait! So i'm sure these albums will be played on repeat until then and some time after.


Pokemon X
Yup. I've been pretty glued to this game training up my gang to take on the Pokemon League. I wanted to have every team member out leveling the Elite Four and Champion before going in, but then I got a bit bored and only used my three highest level team members anyway! (Thanks Glaceon, Raichu and Tyrantrum.)

Now i've completed the game, i'm trying to complete my dex, and have every type of Eevee. Catching a bunch has proved pretty simple so far, but i'm still hunting the elusive female Eevee to evolve into my pretty pink Sylveon.

Although Glaceon will forever be my baby.

So what is everyone else playing, reading, watching and listening to? :)

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  1. This is such a cool post! I love the idea, it's so interesting. (: Fall Out Boy is amazing, I'm SO glad they came back. :D

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet xx