Friday, 8 November 2013

Good news for cosmetic lovers?

Hey Everyone!

So I have, what I think is tentatively great news that i've spotted online and got really excited about. So lets have a little back story to the what prompted this great find...

I've been finding it particularly stressful recently, trying to balance a beauty budget and ethical concerns. Seems everything in my price range (and also a fair amount that is way out) comes from companies with vague and evasive statements on animal testing. Although they claim they do not test any ingredients, or finished products on animals, which is great! It does seem there is a great trend in companies selling out on their values to get their products on sale in China, where the law still requires animal toxicity tests before the approval of new cosmetics for sale. It also struck me as really unfortunate that, it's almost impossible to escape these companies when purchasing 'drug store' brands.

Now don't get me wrong, my favourite companies ARE cruelty free and do not test at all. (Illamasqua, you babes.) They are also some of the more expensive items on a 'fresh out of uni, buried in debt and working on a till' budget. (Also, I do really enjoy my job. But let me just guide your eyes back to the comment about university debts.) You're probably wondering why i'm still being pretty vague and telling you what you already know... There is a point to this post. (And a good one at that!) It's potentially so good, i'm going to stick it under a read more for dramatic effect.

 The cosmetics testing policy in China is coming under review!

I stumbled across some articles posted in October of this year stating that the Chinese government now has more alternatives to animal testing, and pledges to find more. However, baby steps... Animal testing is still law. At least a step in the right direction, hmm? One article was by Live Science
and there are several on the Cosmetic Design Asia.

If these websites are offering accurate information, then perhaps the law will be changed, and as there is already a ban on animal testing in the EU and elsewhere, if China changes its law, perhaps we could come one step closer to having a world wide ban on animal testing! This, indeed makes me a happy camper, as I do find it stressful that so many companies with great every day and affordable products that don't test on animals, by proxy still do; and how difficult it is to escape them.

If you are interested in companies offering vegan or completely non-animal tested cosmetics, check out BUAV and Peta for more information, as both have lists of approved ethical companies! Aside from those two, there are lots of bloggers who have contacted companies personally for clarifcation on their testing policies. A little Google search will help you find them! :)

What do you think about this news?
Do you know any great cosmetic companies that would make the 'Don't Test' lists to recommend?

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  1. This is a great post, wish animal testing would be completely stopped! Fingers crossed

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic