Tuesday, 5 November 2013

November Wishlist

It's the countdown to Christmas but there's still enough time to squeeze in some cheeky treats before risking spoiling someones gift plans! And this month, I have a pretty practical wishlist, and a few splurgey treat items! So... Let's have a look!

(Left to Right)

1) Christmas Decorations! The ones pictured are from Next, but i'm more than likely going to be heading to good old Tesco's and Wilkinson's armed with my cash as they have some of the most adorable things from the christmas Skandi trend, and the red and white theme will fit with the decor in my bedroom. Win WIN!

2) At the end of the month, i'm hoping to be able to have some spare cash to splash and go and treat me and mum to our next tattoos. We've been discussing them for many a year, but just not had the chance.

3) Bedding! My uni bedding, although I loved it... Doesn't fit the decor in my new room at home. The theme will be black, white and red... Whereas at uni, I had zebra print and lime green. ... Classy, right? :p I have some plain red and black sheets... So now i'm on the hunt for splashes of colour and something a bit unique. This H&M Pillowcase for only £3.99 is just perfect!

4) Bento Box! I'm trying to eat healthily, but working the type of shifts I do, snacking on high calorie foods is more than tempting, and it's just really convenient. If I get myself a cute lunchbox i'm hoping it will make me get off my bum and make myself a nice healthy dinner to take to work with me. This one I found on ebay and it's a wee bit pricey, but so cute!

5) I love movies, and cute things, and trinkets... And Kate Spade. So this little gem, Cinema City Coin Purse by Kate Spade NYC is just perfect for me. And it's in the sale now! Save one for me guys!

6) Bit practical and super low price for the splash of awesome it will bring. This paper lantern lampshade from Ikea is only £2.25. I think it will make a lovely finishing touch to my room when it's finished. (Hopefully by the end of the week!)

7) It's time to stock up on festive T-shirts! I spotted these cute ones on Polyvore, 'Holidays are Coming' at New Look for £12.99 (Pictured is the Inspire ranges version, but the 'regular' fit is the same price.) and 'Oh Snap' from Delia's for $9.99 but it seems everywhere has festive themed items in abundance this year. Some of my favourites are from River Island and New Look this year!

So this is what i'll hopefully buying this month when my pennies arrive.
What will you be buying this November?

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