Wednesday, 13 November 2013

[Review] Ript Apparel

Mr Postman bought me a new addition to my Ript t-shirt collection today, so I thought i'd do a review post on the quality of their products, designs and share my collection with you!

For those of you who don't know about Ript Apparel, and other sites like Teefury and Qwertee, they are companies that offer different fandom and pop culture inspired designs on t-shirts every day for around $10. So far i've only bought from Ript, as I know I like the fit and quality of the t-shirts they print on.

So this is my collection of 8 Ript Apparel shirts! Please excuse the photo quality, the lighting in my room isn't very good at the moment.

The first shirt I bought from Ript was this green 'Loki Charms' t-shirt over a year ago. It came within a few days which I was amazed by, and was a little snug and fitted without much give as it was printed on a Gildan t-shirt. Either way, it was still wearable, and I got tonnes of compliments when I wore it out for the first time to the 2012 Summer In The City gathering!

Next up, was this blue Powerpuff Girls and DC heroines cross over shirt, which kinda started something. Again it came within a few days, however this time it was printed on a different type of t-shirt. Made by Tultex, with a tear away tab. I find these fit so much better, keep their shape better and are softer on the skin.

Well, once I had that one... And the Villains version popped up on the site I just had to have it! By now, the shipping costs had changed in the US and Ript had been forced to change provider to keep costs reasonable for the customer. However, now the shipping takes a little longer. However when I say a little longer, it's about the standard time you would expect for something to arrive from America! So it's really not that bad. (Considering they have to be printed especially for you!) I was glad to see it's still printed on Tultex! I think this is my favourite of the bunch.

Now, a slight pattern might be emerging, so when this next set of two shirts were on the site together... No, I just couldn't stop myself from snagging them both. Especially when you consider that on the rare occasion they pop two designs up at a time, and you buy them both... They knock a dollar off! So of course I couldn't resist... 

So, it seems whenever I spot a Powerpuff Girls design, I have to have it... But I have broken the trend with my most recent snags! Next up was another duo, and I couldn't decide between them. Batman Villains or Horror Villains? Why not both?                                     

And that brings us to today's delivery!

This Pinky & The Brain - ACME Labs style t-shirt. I thought it was fun and funky with a splash of retro. I also liked the fact that it was printed on a darker t-shirt with the splash of colour, that would be good for the autumn and winter season.

So there we have my collection of Ript shirts, that i'm pretty sure will still be growing. I love having these in my wardrobe as they are unique and the likelihood of bumping into someone with the same t-shirt in such a small city is pretty low. I also love the quality and the fit, and the price tag is pretty nice too.

Does anyone else buy t-shirts from these businesses? What's your collection like?

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