Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Moments that Mattered

 So for any of you that follow Georgina's blog She Might Be Loved, you may have seen her 'Moments That Mattered' competition post. And for any of you that don't follow her, go have a look at her blog! She does some amazing make up looks and tutorials. So I decided to give it a go, as the draw is sponsored by Lloyds (, who are actually my bank! (And I would not have gotten through uni without their amazing student services.)

The first thing that came to mind when thinking about the moments that mattered the most in 2013, was my graduation. That was a pretty big moment that held a huge impact on my life and from the parties to the ceremonies, they will all be memories i'll carry with me forever. But for me? The moments that really matter, are the little ones. The silly little things that stick in your head for no real reason and make you smile at random intervals.

 Me, graduating with Owel... Who picked up his Twit-Twoo in Owlnomics....

Well just like everyone else, i'm sure our lives are all filled with those kind of moments. But picking just one to make a post about? That was going to be a bit more difficult. But the perfect moment came to me this weekend while I was clearing out and rearranging my bedroom ready for the arrival of my new bed, and I found some of the things my friend had left after his visit in December. Then I decided that would be the time I would blog about. The time one of my bestest friends from uni came to visit.
At university, we were flatmates for two years with our friend Sophie, and we all did the same course. But despite this, when he came to stay for a whole week, I found myself getting pretty nervous. I knew we'd get along just fine, because we'd lived together before. But I still live with my parents, and we'd be going out to my work Christmas party... So not only would my home life collide with my past party girl lifestyle, my work life would too. EEEP!

 This is Tom... Never leave him alone with your camera...

But I really shouldn't have been nervous, because my parents loved him and so did my co-workers. Phew! Even my dog loved him. We had a lovely week, watched movies and tv, staying up late being dorks, having a little tipple, going out to the cinema, catching up with other folk from uniland, and having Pizza Express for the first time! (It was absolutely divine, yumyumyum.) But out of all the moments in that entire week, there is one that sticks in my head and makes me laugh so much every time I think about it, and that moment was at the very beginning of the night of the Christmas party.

I was a little late out of work, and Tom's train had been delayed... So by the time we got back to my house and started getting ready, we were already going to be a bit late. But of course, by now he was nervous about meeting everyone and needed a little drink. Fast foward through some vodka, shots and me getting my make up and trusty Iron Fist boots on, and my dad dropped us to the swanky hotel where we would have a meal and see a boy band tribute act.

 This is Tom again, with a Christmas tree at the venue.

So while I slowly made my way down the big staircase, (who thought my biggest heels were a good idea again?) my co-workers spotted us and waved us over. Now they all looked AMAZING all dressed up, so that was awesome. But of course, arriving a little late meant they were all gathered there already, and Tom had met a grand total of zero of them before... So it was time for introductions. So after a little 'This is Tom!' from me, I stood back and let everyone introduce themselves, as I already knew they were looking forward to meeting him. Now, remember that moment I mentioned to you? Well here it comes...

It was all going fine, as everyone said hello and introduced themselves, and then the lovely Sherry steps up. (Who looked amazing by the way, in this stunning floor length gown.) She said hello, and told him her name... And he answers "Hello Sherry. I'm Tom. I would say I was named after a drink too, but i'm not." He went on to call her nothing but Whiskey for the rest of the night...

Everyone had a good giggle there, and soon enough he was chatting away to the others just fine. So an awesome night of dancing and singing along to 90's boyband tributes was had by all. Tom was even stopped at the end of the night as we were leaving, by someone from a different table asking if he wanted some Jaegerbombs! #youpulled

 Cheeky little mirror selfie...

I chose this particular moment, because even just recalling it to type about I giggled to myself so hard I cried a little bit. Not only that, but it reflects something that is really important to me, and that is being able to integrate the different aspects of my life, and how my friends from university didn't just stay at university, or are no longer in my life because we graduated. They integrate into the life I have now, just like Tom did at the works party. It massively eased my worries that life would get in the way of all the great friendships I made there... So far it hasn't, not even a little. Everyone at work always asks how my uni friends are. They even said that thanks to facebook 'it feels like I already know them', and of course, now they've met Tom... I think he's their favourite.

Now i'm really looking forward to more visits from my friends. The next planned is a visit from Katy in March, cause we have Fall Out Boy tickets. I am far too excited already. Hurry up March!

What were your greatest moments of 2013? What are you looking forward to this year?

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