Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Post-Payday Weekend Spend-tacular!

Hey everyone!

For those of you who follow my twitter and/or instagram, you'll already be clued in to how I spent my weekend! But for those of you who don't, I went out to see Disney on Ice and Fall Out Boy with shopping and hotel stay thrown in. (And a wander/getting completely lost on random buses day...)

Now, where this months money goes is important as from the 1st of April... I'm officially on a spending ban! I know what your thinking, "April Fool!" but unfortunately not. April 1st is officially one month until my birthday, so i'm unable to buy anything for myself. I've already been banned from buying the new Models Own Sticky Fingers collection by one friend. I'm being hailed as the worst person to buy for, as if I want something... I typically just go and buy it.

I'm beginning to think i'm allergic to having my own money or something.

Well while I was out and about, I picked up some super cool stuff! Let's take a peek! :D

 Darn shiny things looking terrible in photographs...

So first things first, is my tour merch! At Fall Out Boy I picked up a jumper with Fall Out Boy Chicago on. Because I fell in love with it on the spot, and had to have it. I also snapped up one of the red Save Rock and Roll wristbands. For some reason I love those kind of wristbands, and well... Fall Out Boy! I also got a "Light 'Em Up" glowy wand, but it's not in the pic as I might have broken it in my over enthusiastic bouncing and screaming... Oops. At Disney I picked up a gift for my friend and my drink came in this adorable Toy Story Alien cup! On the way through the station, we spotted some vendors selling light up merchandise and I couldn't resist the little light up Minnie Bow headbands. So mum bought us one each!

Next up is what I purchased while rambling the shops. From left to right, this massive can of Arizona Kiwi & Strawberry juice drink I found at a bus station Spar that sold American candies and drinks. While completely lost... Bonus! I also snapped up some Cheeky 'Unleash Your Locks' Shampoo and Cheeky 'Loving Your Locks' Conditioner from Superdrug as it was a third off and I had wanted to try the brand anyway. The packaging was adorable, and they have a nice product range. The last thing in the picture is some socks, from H&M. The ones pictured are a soft grey leopard print and a zebra print. The grey giraffe print is hiding behind the conditioner.

Moving along, I picked up the Topshop Cobalt Tweezers as i'd lost my only good pair, and really liked the colour of these. My brows were in desperate need of a new buddy, so these were definitely my most necessary purchase. (After the Fall Out Boy merch...) For the rest, we're back to Superdrug, where I snagged an NYC Clear Lipgloss, as I fancied this for attempting some different lip looks. I also grabbed the only MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer the store I was in had left, which was in the colour Atomic. I recently tested one of the other colours and was interested to see how a different colour performed. I'll be reviewing them soon!

When I saw the Samy Fat Hair Thickening Spray for half price, (and less than three pounds) there was no way I was leaving without it. For years I have been desperate for big hair, and no matter what I try or use, it falls flat. Usually before I even leave the house. I'll let you know if this works!

Finally, back to the Cheeky brand with the Bubble Trouble Shower Mousse... Which I kinda only bought because I liked the moose on the front and it made me think of my friend in Canada. I'm a simple soul, really.

 So that's what i've been spending my money on this week!
Wanna see a review of anything? What have you been buying?

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