Friday, 14 March 2014

The Overnight Blogger.

I'm going on a little trip this weekend, just for one night. But still, I need to pack an overnight bag. Quite a daunting prospect as it meant choosing a bag that was both big enough to hold everything I needed, small enough to carry around for most of the day before we reached the hotel, and still have enough space to bring home any shiny new additions to my life that I picked up in the process.

So a bag that is big but small, and full but empty?
Good one, Ray.

I ended up ordering this cosmic print bag from Surfdome through Ebay, as I figured I could use it for my next 'few days away' trip, or visiting uni friends. Aside from that, it would also be a good bag for carrying spare clothes and such for those 'i'm going to the gym after this' days. Gotta love a good multi-tasker! Plus... it's cosmic print. Galactic camouflage for those times we want to sneak up on other planets to surprise them... Or something.

So... What does one pack for an overnight stay somewhere? I seriously didn't have a clue and even after reading some articles, the only information I really gleamed that was useful for me was take an extra set of undies and socks. I'm still in the process of choosing my outfits, but I know I need to pack at least one and a half outfits and some pj's!

Brb, just falling into the mess that is my wardrobe and hoping for the best...

What are your travel essentials for even the shortest of short breaks? I need help packing! :)

I'll pop a picture of my picks before I pack them up on my Instagram later on! So don't forget to check my photofeed out! I post lots of pictures of junk, and I need new people to follow! :) <3

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  1. Oh I literally need everything and anything. I'm the worst packer ever, especially overnight. It's normally one carry or pull bag then a massive one I'll have on my shoulder with more in. Best of luck packing, hope you have a good time!

    1. I ended up taking half of what I meant to, yet it was still too heavy for me to carry! I have no idea how when im sure all that was in there was a pair of jeans, pants, a towel and my make up bag!

      Oh wait... Maybe it was that last part. <3

      Ps I had an amazing time of course. Fall Out Boy never disappoint or let me down. ^_^ xo