Tuesday, 8 April 2014

[Etsy Picks] Easter Gifts.

Spring is well underway! WOO! Are you guys prepared for the sickly chocolate gorging fest yet?

Easter Eggs Image from Wikipedia

I know I am! I have had a Micky Mouse Easter Egg with cute cup set aside in the cupboard for my Fairy Godson since the Easter eggs hit shelves. (Which was probably like... December?) But i've noticed some awesome themed products in the stores. Mainly bunny themed...

So that's the inspiration for this session of awesome products i've found on Etsy! Awesome Easter gifts and accessories for all ages.

Also comes in other colours!

Because nothing says Easter like Dinosaurs...

Leaping Lambs Necklace by CherryPiePunk

Bunny Tortoise Cosy by MossyTortoise
I can not get over how cute this knitted bunny cosy for tortoises is!

I'm definitely picking up the lambs necklace when my spending ban is over. I have some shoes it'll go nicely with ... See anything you fancy? What are you hoping for this Easter!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the items, nor am I affiliated with/paid by/earning anything from promoting these items. Although they are on my shopping list. :) All photographs are property of their respective shops.

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