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[Let's Watch] Disney's Frozen

I'm not sure if i've mentioned this on the blog yet, but I was a film student. I recently retired graduated, but kicking back with a film is still topping my list of ways to spend time. So what better series to introduce to my blog than some film reviews? These are going to be a regular thing, and may contain spoilers, but i'll try and keep them to a minimum. So without further ado...

Let's Watch
Disney's 52nd animated and Oscar winning film Frozen finally hit DVD last week and continues to dazzle audiences, becoming the top grossing animated film across the world.* I couldn't even get my hands on a copy of the DVD at my local store, but I did catch it in cinemas.
There may be spoilers below...
The first time I saw Frozen back in December with a friend of mine, I loved it. It was a relatively full screening, meaning there was plenty of atmosphere at tense or funny moments. There was even applause as the credits rolled. I've heard of it happening at cinema screenings, but never actually experienced it myself until then, so I thought it was really cool. I dunno about my friend, but I definitely had a little extra bounce in my step on the way out. I'm a Disney girl, so perhaps i'm biased. But I really do love the newer princesses. Tiana, Rapunzel and now Anna and Elsa. They all have so much sass.

So, let's break it down to consider some of the things that I think made this a pretty spiffy film.

     The Characters
Source: MCM Buzz
In my opinion, there's a pretty big cast here. Although the core five are pictured above. (Six if you include Sven the reindeer. Which we should. Because Sven!) Elsa and Anna are the heroines, if maybe a little removed from what you'd expect from your Disney princesses. They are helped along through the story by Olaf, the snowman... Prince Hans and Kristoff the ice seller. 

Elsa, is a very strong but misunderstood character. In my opinion, the one word to sum her up would be 'Bad-ass'. She is a force to be reckoned with and proves on multiple occasions that no man is a match for her. Anna, is more of your typical awkward teenager, but makes for some good giggles. In contrast to Elsa, Anna is exuberant, trusting and curious. But they balance each other. They are strong, independent ladies in their own right.

Prince Hans, is more typical of what you'd expect of a Disney prince. He looks the part, and aside from some goofing off with Anna, he acts the part. Then there's Kristoff... Sort of a loner, but strong and very loyal. Who in my personal opinion is the perfect example of a man, and would make a great prince. But then I do have a thing for guys that are good with animals. Maybe even more so when that animal is a reindeer called Sven.

     The Design
Source: Disney
When it comes to the design of the characters, the clothing is incredibly detailed. From patterns to embellishments to fabric type, it's conveyed across multiple characters. I personally would wear the dresses... I'm not sure about you. But from concept art to screen, some very intricate and pretty designs have been brought to life, and really adds to what you experience.

Plus, Hans' sideburns reminded me of old school Patrick Stump. Ding ding ding, we have a winner...

    The Story
Source: The Guardian
Here come some potential spoilers. Just gloss over the pink part if you don't want to risk it.

     Elsa and Anna were very close sisters as small children, and Anna embraced Elsa's powers. After an accident the family lock every in the kingdom away and do their best to help Elsa hide her powers. To the extent of making Anna lose all memories of Elsa's power, and Elsa hides herself away in her room. After quite some time passes, another accident leaves the girls Orphans, and for Elsa to become queen. This is where everything goes wrong, as Elsa is forced into the open to interact with people. A fight with Anna exposes her powers, and she runs away to the mountains, leaving an eternal winter in her wake. Anna sets out to bring her back and end the winter...

Personally, I think for a pretty straight forward and obvious story... It throws a few curve balls, and with it being a Disney film, they're ones you don't quite see coming. Littered with cuteness, relateable characters, catchy songs and Olaf to giggle at... Oh Olaf. There is a lot in this film to appeal to audiences.

     The Animation
Source: Disney Wiki
This is Marshmallow. He is one fierce snowman, and just one of the beautifully animated characters in this film. When I was considering what to write about this, I looked at screenshots and gifs and it really struck me that it is a film with such a wide variety of expressions and textures, it's truly phenomenal what the animators have achieved. It's something I didn't really appreciate when casually watching, but it's the little things like the way hair behaves, or eyebrows move with changing expressions. Someone spent hours on those tiny movements to make them perfect, for maximum impact.

Although I do think Elsa runs kinda weird... It actually pained me to say that. Don't you think though? It's almost like she bobbles...

     The Soundtrack
Source: Cineplex
If you haven't already heard "Let It Go" either the cinematic version by Idina Menzel or in my opinion really random and unnecessary pop version by Demi Lovato... Where have you been? :p  I think the song has been everywhere the last few months, and musically, its by far the highlight of the film. It even won an Oscar! Olaf's song is another highlight, and Frozen Heart, the opening song, is one of my favourites.

     To Conclude

I watched it again recently with my mother who woke me up ridiculously early on Monday morning to watch it. Not only did she love it too, but when I left the room... She started the movie again. Mothers! :p

Have you seen Frozen yet? What are your thoughts?


  1. I love this film!! I have it on dvd now aswell lol I watched it with my mum and she keeps singing the songs but she doesnt no any of the words lol xxxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

    1. Oooh! I didn't see your comment! Sorry!

      My dad keeps singing the songs too, every now and again we'll here him wandering around humming it or asking if we want to build a snowman XD

      Rayxo <3